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Property Name: Goldsmith

Location: Plandome Manor, Town of North Hempstead

Property Description: Approximately two-thirds of an acre on Manhasset Bay.

Project Summary: The Goldsmith property is one of the only remaining undeveloped lots on Manhasset Bay, providing significant scenic views of Manhasset Bay, Gull's Cove, and the Nassau County Wildlife Preserve.

Owners Judy and Ted Goldsmith are historic stewards and conservationists at heart. They live in a grist mill built in 1693 by Joseph Latham and operated by the Latham and Mitchell families until 1910. Now converted to a residence, the building retains many of its original millstone elements.

After purchasing the home in 1988, the Goldsmiths acquired the neighboring waterfront lot in order to restore it to its natural open condition. They subsequently removed an existing house and planted native vegetation.

Plandom Manor Nort Hempstead Nassau County Wildlife Preserve

Ted Goldsmith says, "Having developed a conservation ethic from a woodsman friend in New England, we immediately saw the potential to return the land to nature, and the project was personally very rewarding. We both wanted to be sure that this land remains in its natural state forever and that its views of the Bay and Cove would not be obstructed by the future construction of a home."

Judy Goldsmith adds, "We were originally advised by an attorney that placing a conservation easement on our land would be giving up a valuable development right." Despite this, the Goldsmiths benefited from available tax incentives for land conservation. "We felt that it was more important to protect it as open space than to reap a profit by developing the property, so we found another attorney!"

Nassau County Wildlife Preserve