Please leave a message if you do not receive an answer and we will return your call as soon as possible. This is a discussion on Rem 700 7mm SAUM build within the My 700 forums, part of the Model 700 Photo Gallery category; Over the last few months JFComfort and i had been contemplating a long range "light"weight rife. Mag. •Stock: McMillan A5 Sand Ambush, Flush Cups X2 LHS, and X2 Bottom, Bipod stud. Putting it in a Manners SL that’s inlet for M5 DBM, and will use APA RTG DBM and Accurate Mag 3 round WSM mags, which allow 2.96-2.98” OAL. Groups fired from Atlas bipod and rear bag, oh and did I mention it weighs a mere 8.26# with Night Force NXS 5.5-22×50!!!! 7mm SAUM in a Dual-Purpose Rifle I’ve built a couple rifles chambered in 7mm SAUM. Both a little older; the Winchester is a New Haven 7mm WSM, and the Remington a pre-Freedom Grope 7 SAUM. This is one of my Long Range Hunters with some upgrades!! HS Precision PSV029 stock . World F-Open Champion’s 7mm RSAUM Rifles by S&S Precision. The SAUM is a very efficient case. 7 LRM. I've got eyes on two different rifles. And its a Shooter with 180 berger Hybrids at a 3086 FPS AV from a 26″ barrel!!!!! Objective is paper punching and deer out to about 500. ... NOSLER RIFLES. $ 875.00. Basically the WSM line beat out the SAUM line in popularity, IMHO primarily because Remington didn't market the new product line as they should have (don't get me started!). Both rifles shoot through the same hole at 100 yards, 1/2 MOA groups at 1000 yds and have been certified for accomplishing a hit on a bullseye at 1820 yds. 7MM Rem. Gray Sloan built my custom 7mm/.284 Jarrett rifle after he made his first one for a shooting partner of mine. However, to achieve its small velocity advantage, the larger 7mm WSM had to burn 7-10% more powder than the 7mm SAUM. ... 7 SAUM. 330-683-4674 Made in USA Rem 700 7mm SAUM build. A versatile platform for a custom rifle, it has now had the bolt head changed and a new Shilen barrel installed in 7mm RSAUM, all in an Austin Custom stock. This rifle is custom chambered in 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum (7mm SAUM) by a renowned gunsmith. Custom 28 Nosler (Coming Soon) $ ... Rifle Component Package Deal: Long Action Mag BF Carbon BDL Combo (Gunsmithing Required) $2,600.00. Precision has been in business since 1999. I don't shoot factory ammo either, but building a custom is a long ways off. G.A. The British F-Class Team took it to the US Team last year running 7mm WSM based rifles. Both rounds abandoned by their parents. © 2020 American Precision Arms. •Action: Defiance Deviant-Tactical XM length, •Barrel: Broughton MTU 1-9 .284 5C Match Grade. Just pick your action, caliber/chamber, barrel length and contour, trigger (pull weight) and cerakote customization (in color or pattern). 30 Carbine.308 Winchester. But it also doubles as match rifle to with a quick barrel swap. 300 PRC. Mag. 1.7 SAUM $5895.00  on our custom Stiller action, Helically fluted bolt, M-16 mod extractor, Brux  #5 contour Matchgrade Straight Fluted barrel 26″ + custom muzzlebrake, Apex Hunter 2 stock custom painted in Dark Gray Lichen camo,Midnight Gray cerakote, Trigger Tech trigger @ 1.5 lbs, BDL bottom metal. For a visual: 7mm SAUM with 180 Berger hybrid at 2.950 OAL. 7mm Rem. S/N # TB20765. 30 Nosler. This custom build was put together to comfortably reach out to that 1000 yard marker and beyond without big recoil. Custom 7mm SAUM built by Spartan Precision on Surgeon Action This rifle is a 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum built on a brand new Surgeon Action with integrated picatinny rail. •Cartridge: 7mm SAUM •¼’’ Accuracy: Confirmed •Action: Defiance Deviant-Tactical XM length •Barrel: Broughton MTU 1-9 .284 5C Match Grade •Stock: McMillan A5 Sand Ambush, Flush Cups X2 LHS, and X2 Bottom, Bipod stud. In order to obtain that performance from a .30 caliber, I would need to jump into the .300 Win. The 7mm SAW was designed based on experience shooting in the Precision Rifle Series with the standard 7mm-08 Remington. 7MM-.404 Wapiti Express. McWhorter Custom Rifles, Inc is owned and operated by long time hunter, shooter, and load developer, Allan Rovig, on the outskirts of the South Georgia town of Doerun. Rifle shot .341″ avg during testing with 180 grain Berger VLD hunting bullets. At G.A. The Ti-Ascent is built on a custom Lone Peak Razor-Ti titanium action mated to a Proof Research carbon Sendero profile barrel. We chose an intermediate length action with a detachable magazine so you can seat those bullets out where they should be and still feed like a dream. 7MM Dakota. rifles. If you are looking at a 7mm SAUM, you may want to also look at a 7mm WSM. 7mm SAUM 1.7 SAUM $5895.00 on our custom Stiller action, Helically fluted bolt, M-16 mod extractor, Brux #5 contour Matchgrade Straight Fluted barrel 26″ + custom muzzlebrake, Apex Hunter 2 stock custom painted in Dark Gray Lichen camo,Midnight Gray cerakote, Trigger Tech … Mag., .315” neck (Accepts factory ammo) Stiller TAC300 repeater. Chambered in 7mm SAUM 1-9" Bartlein Blank 24" M24 Contour Muzzle Threaded to 5/8-25 Class... View full product details » Home; Custom Rifles. needing 1.3 mils for a 10 mph full value wind. Custom Rifles; ClymR Rifle System. Note Leupold scope (inset, personalized in the Leupold Custom Shop), NP3 plating and LAW muzzlebrake. Custom rifles, shotguns, pistols, gunsmithing, repairs, consignment, guns, transfers, ammo 631-468-8116. Bartlein , 1-9”, fluted, 5R, S.S. 5 groove. Just available- … The low demand for factory ammunition in 7mm SAUM has resulted in a sharp increase in the cost of 7mm SAUM as of mid 2014. Randy’s Custom Rifles Chambering List: If you do not see a caliber you want, contact us for availability. 6.5 or 25 cal SAUM/SST/PRC/47 Lapua/Creedmoor (Call to put your name on one) $4,700.00 Product Description. 300 Win Mag. Despite the fact that I favor classic cartridges and I’m biased against short actions, ultra mags, super-duper magnums, etc., I began to read about the 7mm SAUM. Customer supplied Parts; Long Range Hunter; The Ultimate Hunting Rifle I have a the parts instock for these rifles and can whip one up in under 5 weeks right. with either the Berger 215- or 230-grain Hybrid and push them at maximum pressures. My first 7mm SAUM rifle is a Rem M700 built by Greg Tannel in a McMillan A5 stock with a 1:9″ twist, 28″ Krieger barrel. Ultra Mag..308-45 H.B.R. According to the load manuals, the 7mm WSM offered a bit more velocity than the 7mm SAUM. Imp. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. My current hunting rig is a Curtis Vector with Proof carbon barrel in 6.5 SAUM. In shorter barrels, performance declines dramatically. Both wear 24" barrels. Temp hours: T-F10-5, S-8-1. American Kenny Adams is the new F-Open World Champion, winning the individual title last week at Raton, New Mexico. The mid to heavy weight, high BC bullets available in 7mm give a noticeable increase in energy on target compared to the current crop of fast 6mm’s being used, while maintaining excellent wind drift characteristics. The action is glass-bedded for a zero-tolerance fit in the ultra-light, carbon-fiber stock. They have more than met my expectations. 28 nosler Custom rifles for sale. 20 moa rail . ! The Savage Model 11/111 started life as a 7mm-08. M48 Mountain Carbon Rifle Nosler Independence Handgun Nosler Handgun Nosler Custom Rifle M48 Heritage™ Rifle M48 Long-Range Rifle M48 Long-Range Carbon Rifle M48 Custom Rifle Rifle Accessories Shop ... the 7mm SAUM is equivalent to the 7mm WSM in almost all respects. Instagram post 2337718964347739487_8329856181. | ... 7MM SAUM. $3760.00 (plus shipping and accessories) SOLD. He put in the trigger time, including many long days at Raton. Though tactical competition is where the heart of this beast lies, it makes for a great long-range hunter as well. Up For sale is this beauty of a 7mm Rem mag fresh off the Machines!!! All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Site by Envision, APA Limited Edition Pint Sized Game Changer Bag, GRADOUS ACTION REPLACEMENT SCREWS FOR REM 700. Cartridge: 7mm SAUM Bullet Make: Berger Bullet Type: HYB Bullet GR: 180 COAL: 2.820 in AVG MV: NOTE: This ammunition is loaded long for accuracy.These cartridges may not fit in some factory box magazines. 7.62-39.308 Win. 7MM-.300 Dakota. These claims are valid if the short magnum cartridges are fired in 24 inch barrels, the same length as the barrels of most 7mm Rem. Currently 7mm SAUM is experiencing a rebound in popularity with custom rifle builders and handloaders, as it is able to drive the long (180 grain class) bullets fast enough for long range target shooting. Price range for such rifles was between about $900.00 to about $1,700.00. See COAL measurement to confirm fit with your rifle. ACTION: Remington 700 (blueprinted) BARREL: Bartlein STOCK: McMillan A-5 TRIGGER: Jewell CALIBER: 7mm SAUM (short-action ultra magnum) EXTRA: McMillan Olive Cerakote; Harris S Series Bipod; Pacific Tool & Gauge DBM bottom metal; slabbed 3 port muzzle brake I have a local gunsmith. 1661 Behrens RD Byers, Colorado 80103 Tel: (303) 822-6849 Fax: (720) 367-5095 E-Mail Us at Accuracy Systems' location is not a retail/store front. I’ve got a factory Rem 700 SA 7mm SAUM with 24” sporter barrel. and exactly the same claim is made for the 7mm WSM. Maker of High Quality Custom Rifles, Actions, Stocks, Mounting Systems for Benchrest, F-Class, Tactical, Palma, Highpower, Hunting, & General Shooting. We strive to create top professional quality rifles that are not only precise, but are also affordable. We value your business. REMINGTON SPECIAL ORDER CUSTOM SHOP EDITION MODEL SEVEN AWR(ALASKAN WILDERNESS RIFLE)IN 7MM SAUM(SHORT ACTION ULTRA … The 7mm SAUM is an ideal cartridge for long-range competition and long-range hunting. ‘King Kenny’ rose to the top through with skill, countless days of practice, and great determination. Due to initial windy conditions, we test fired this rifle a second time in calm conditions. Head Gunmaker Tim McWhorter has over 20 years of experience making some of the Most Accurate Hunting Rifles in the world. The MPA BA Custom Build system gives the shooter many options options to help design the Ultimate Long Range Precision Rifle. 7MM- .300 Weatherby. 22-250 Rem. USMC VET OWNED. Mag. Im just thinking this would be a easy way to put together a light hunting rig. Jewell Trigger. And I have several custom rifles. 7mm SAUM - 24" M24 Graphite Black. In doing this, it is our mandate that we do not sacrifice quality. Precision, we use only top notch, field-tested, durable parts and accessories. (The 7mm WSM has 81.0 grains of capacity vs. 73.6 grains for the 7mm SAUM.) For more information and to book your next dream hunt! Gun weighs 7 lbs 6 oz and is perfectly balanced. •Brake: APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard •Bedding: APA … I’m just fishing here, but as I was looking into these two calibers I looked into many other 7mm cartridges.

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