I am 100% sure DIY co2 would cut it. For optimal growth from Dwarf Baby Tears, as it is sometimes referred to, use high lighting and CO2 injections. Baby's tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) is a mat-forming tropical perennial that makes for an eye-catching specimen for indoor terrariums and hanging baskets.What makes baby's tears plants so special are the myriad tiny leaves, which form a dense mat suggestive of a gnome's green paradise. petluvr AC Members. However, this delicate plant shouldn't be underestimated, as they can be quite demanding in terms of lighting and care. Dwarf Baby Tears is a moderate to slow growing plant. 3. Beginner. If you aren't as patient purchase Hemianthus callitrichoides grown on the coco fiber mats for an instant foreground. Baby Tears. Under captive condition it requires abundant lighting, nutrient rich and fine-grained substrate such as aqua soil and good CO 2 supplementation. For proper growth in the aquarium, lighting should be two watts or more per gallon of water. This herbaceous perennial roots readily from pieces of stem. Beginner. Dwarf Baby Tears Seeds? All. Save this search. Pet Supplies; Fish & Aquariums. Related: dwarf baby tears mat dwarf hairgrass dwarf baby tears seeds live aquarium plants dwarf hair grass monte carlo aquarium plant aquarium plants dwarf sagittaria water wisteria. share. Jun 5, 2008 5,356 1 62 43 Podunk, Va. Real Name Larry Dec 20, 2011 #6 I think with this plant it is more about CO2 than lighting, although lighting is also very important. Propagating Baby Tears. Fresh Water Aquarium Live Plants Dwarf Baby tears Seeds Foreground or Carpeting in Planted Fish Tank. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 10. 10 comments. ... 29 results for dwarf baby tears. Although it may produce seeds, there are no commercial sources. I must admit that I may be wrong. Close. In most cases, gardeners who want to plant baby tears buy a flat of starts from a nursery, divide some they have grown or … - Approximately size is 3-5 inches height. - Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba usually creep over the bottom with millimetre-sized round leaves. Include description. Dwarf baby tears is a vibrant green flowering plant with little round leaves and creeping stems that spreads throughout the bottom of the tank. Im trying to plant hair grass and baby tears. Cuba is often regarded as one of the best carpeting plants in the hobby, although the care difficulty level is medium and it is not best suited for beginners in the hobby. - You get 1 Dwarf Baby Tears potted plant. The photo is a sample from our stock. Plant several pots through the desired area and watch them spread to form a dense foreground carpet. Category. I just want to ask if its possible to plant them with out co2 and i think my lights are only putting out 2.5 watts. 95. Posted by 2 days ago. In this case, compact fluorescent lighting is suitable. $9.95 $ 9. The Baby Tears (Micranthemum Umbrosum) are a real eye-catcher in any aquarium and looks fantastically in the front or middle part of the tank.Once planted, it will look similar to a beautiful field of clovers that's underwater. Safe for Shrimps, Betta, Goldfish, and Guppies. From what I have read, baby dwarf tears need high light and high co2. report. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Dwarf Baby Tears Seeds? save. I also have 2 rams, 2 cory, 3 otto in there to create poop to make co2. hide. 3.6 out of 5 stars 87.

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