2. Baptism then in the name or through the name or into the name of Christ placed the believer under the influence and tutelage of Christ's personality, as before he was in popular estimation under the influence of stars and horoscope. Vibert, in his own estimation at least, has left boyhood long ago. Work on sequential parameter estimation in neural networks has continued. In some instances, familiarity with special estim What are synonyms for estimation? 5. In the form of a chromate, it may be determined by precipitation, in acetic acid solution, with lead acetate; the lead chromate precipitate collected on a tared filter paper, well washed, dried at loo° C. and weighed; or the chromate may be reduced by means of sulphur dioxide to the condition of a chromic salt, the excess of sulphur dioxide expelled by boiling, and the estimation carried out as above. I like the Ballpark Estimate worksheet developed by the American Savings Education Council. Bacon's fame in popular estimation has always rested on his mechanical discoveries. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas) for quantitative estimation of hidden chromosome instability. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " The official estimate is one million dollars. Thus the estimation of kinetic energy is intimately affected by the choice of our base of measurement. Interests in exploration seismology include ocean-bottom surveys, Q estimation, anisotropy, converted waves and AVO studies. Several methods are employed for the quantitative estimation of urea. The story of the famous kiss bestowed by Margaret of Scotland on la precieuse bouche de laquelle sont issus et sortis taut de bons mots et vertueuses paroles is mythical, for Margaret did not come to France till 1436, after the poet's death; but the story, first told by Guillaume Bouchet in his Annales d'Aquitaine (1524), is interesting, if only as a proof of the high degree of estimation in which the ugliest man of his day was held. She was just the boss's daughter, a rather timid and drab little thing in his estimation. The family of O'Clery, to which three of the celebrated " Four Masters " belonged, were hereditary 011aves (doctors of history, music, law, &c.) attached to the family of O'Donnell; while the " Book of the Dun Cow " (Lebor-na-h Uidhre), one of the most ancient Irish MSS., was in the possession of the O'Donnells in the 14th century; and the estimation in which it was held at that time is proved by the fact that it was given to the O'Conors of Connaught as ransom for an important prisoner, and was forcibly recovered some years later. High quality example sentences with “as per estimation” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English 136. Chi, Z. and Zhang, B. This change triggered the higher estimate for productivity. Here are many translated example sentences containing "THE ESTIMATION" - english-finnish translations and search engine for english translations. 19 examples: The estimate, when used with realistic values of the branching factors… Synonym Discussion of estimate. magnitude estimation data are offline data that only represent a rough approximation of processing difficulty. estimates has three separate but related capabilities: 1. Examples of estimation in a Sentence This is not, in my estimation, an efficient use of our resources. Seven had been right in his estimation of wind speed. Police estimated the crowd at 2,000. Another word for estimate. His estimate for the renovations to our house was $2,250. The image of the star is set updn the intersections of the lines of the central cross, and the positions of the reseau-lines are read off by estimation to - of a division on the glass scale. First of all there is the generalization that the relationships of the various forms of animals (or of plants) to one another is that of the ultimate twigs of a much-branching genealogical tree. But a succession through females could not reasonably have been objected to after Edward III. An estimate, opinion, or judgment. These tables will give you an idea of your possible sentence, however, you should not rely on this information alone. Arsenic can also be estimated by volumetric methods; for this purpose it must be in the arsenious condition, and the method of estimation consists in converting it into the arsenic condition by means of a standard solution of iodine, in the presence of a cold saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate. Attempts have been made in modern times to represent the Apocalyptists as opposed to the Pharisees and as occupying the position in popular estimation which Josephus ascribes to the Pharisees. He applied himself more particularly to the oxygen compounds, and determined with a fair degree of accuracy the ratio of carbon to oxygen in carbon dioxide, but his values for the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in water, and of phosphorus to oxygen in phosphoric acid, are only approximate; he introduced no new methods either for the estimation or separation of the metals. In spite of the protective gear worn, the challenge definitely excluded the weak of heart, and, in Dean's estimation, the strong of brain. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. You can save estimation results in a file on disk so that you can use them later, even in a different Stata session. Police estimated the crowd at 2,000. The Legion of Honour, the only order of France, and one which in its higher grades ranks in estimation with the highest European orders, was instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte on the 19th of May 1802 (29 Floreal of the year X.) From early historic times it has been held in high estimation in the south of Europe, being used by the Romans for masts and all purposes for which timber of great length was required. Source_VOA 249221 We estimated his losses at 100 dollars. Estimate definition is - to judge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of. An estimation of the bulk of the calf muscle was made using a tape measure. Maximum likelihood estimation of trigrams is straightforward (count! CK … use "estimate" in a sentence. Constable Quince was new to the job and, in Bramble's. Vendors will give you a ballpark estimate of calls the … In the form of a chromate, it may be determined by precipitation, in acetic acid solution, with lead acetate; the lead chromate precipitate collected on a tared filter paper, well washed, dried at loo° C. and weighed; or the chromate may be reduced by means of sulphur dioxide to the condition of a chromic salt, the excess of sulphur dioxide expelled by boiling, and the estimation carried out as above. 1. estimate. antonyms. Examples of rough estimate in a sentence, how to use it. Prof. C.C. Darwin is moderate in his estimation of the changes produced on races of man by climate and mode of life within the range of history (Descent of Man, part i. The proved accuracy of detail elsewhere, as in his narration of events which he witnessed in company with St Paul, enhances our general estimation of his work. 3. Before doing this lesson, students should have many opportunities to experiment with the process of measuring. Such was my father's estimation of my abilities in music, that he would not pay twopence for me. But after the opening session matters proceeded more smoothly, and Mr Balfour regained his old position in the estimation of the House and the country. Its flesh is wholesome, but is not held in much estimation. Utilities, transportation costs, application fees, security deposits, and potential facility usage fees need to be added in to the overall rate for an accurate estimation of how much living expenses will be for different apartments. The high estimation in which he was held by his contemporaries is shown by the place he occupied as chief of the seven " wise men " of Greece; and in later times amongst the ancients his fame was quite remarkable. by estimate in a sentence - Use "by estimate" in a sentence 1. The estimation of the value of art (i. Estimation and the Normal Distribution. emphasize significance testing much more than interval estimation. Sentence Estimation. of something might be; to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. Well, what do you estimate your future at? 4. When you use these calculators, you're getting a very basic estimation of the cost to insure your house. Part 3: estimation of a separation boundary in transonic flow. He estimates there are about five such locations in the county. estimation in a sentence - 13. Examples of estimates in a sentence: 1. 156+5 sentence examples: 1. Psychometric tests convert an individual's psychological traits and attributes into a numerical estimation or evaluation. Such was my father 's estimation of my abilities in music, that he would not pay twopence for me. How to use estimate in a sentence. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. 100 examples: Leaving alone the question as to why this might happen, it seems useful to also… estimation of probabilities from sample frequencies. Sentence Examples That is only a ballpark estimate, but it is certainly not an insurmountably large sum. GRAMMAR . 90. 82. C by estimates. An estimate of the crop puts it at about 1,500,000 bales. The Spline Estimation option offers a variety of interpolating and smoothing splines. Find more ways to say estimate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Each head is graduated into Ioo equal parts on the drums u and v, so that, by estimation, the reading can easily be carried to ivioDth of a revolution. Using estimation calculators can give you a rough idea of what is reasonable for someone with your income and circumstances within your state. Dumani, in his master's estimation had fallen from grace. We estimate the cost to be four thousand dollars. Methods for the estimation of the halogens and sulphur were worked out by L. What does he therefore but resolve to give over toiling, and find himself some factor, to whose care and conduct he may commit the whole managing of his religious affairs - some divine of note and estimation that must be. Naturally you are proud of the estimation in which William is held. C by estimates. 2. If the parties to the suit are dissatisfied with the judgment, they may appeal to a priest who stands higher in public estimation, or one of the parties may induce a higher authority by bribery to quash the judgment of the first. In such a consideration we have to make use not only of the fact just mentioned, but of three important generalizations which serve as it were as implements for the proper estimation of the relationships of any series of organic forms. 2. estimation by assessors, without relief for overvaluation except for excess more than 50% above the proper valuation) was introduced in 1868 as a method of securing returns of personalty. Owing to his eloquence he was speedily ranked in popular estimation with Corneille, Racine, and the other leading figures of the most brilliant period of Louis XIV. At that date his representatives, the counts Piero and Luigi Guicciardini, opened their family archives, and cornmitted to Signor Giuseppe Canestrini the publication of his hitherto inedited MSS. 1. ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . 's claim to the crown of France; and, apart from strict legality, the duke's claim was probably supported in the popular estimation by the fact that he was descended from Edward III. The tinkers then formed a hereditary caste, which was held in no high estimation. Step One: Add the Maximum Sentence for Each of Your Charges. prior estimation in a sentence - Use "prior estimation" in a sentence 1. 2. use "estimate" in a sentence. Taylor: classification, image analysis, statistical pattern recognition, bioinformatics, nonparametric density estimation, spatial statistics. of something might be; to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. logarithm problem to Gauss sum estimation we also give evidence that this problem is hard for classical algorithms. The rhyton has been created in 500 B . Gerdien's estimate of the convection current is for fine weather conditions. 183. estimate definition is - to judge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of. The estimation in which he was held at Rome is clearly shown by the anxiety of the consul Marcus (or Manlius) Manilius (149) to take him as his adviser on his expedition against Carthage. Their lifestyle was less than he had grown up with, but in his estimation, it was better quality. ballpark estimate in a sentence - Use "ballpark estimate" in a sentence 1. CK 682016 The estimate was a complete shock! First, an estimation of global posteriors is formalized in the framework of hybrid HMM/ANN systems. How do you use estimation in a sentence? 1. An estimate of the crop puts it at about 1,500,000 bales. The committee lacked a correct estimate of his ability. Boris was thus the first to learn the news that the French army had crossed the Niemen and, thanks to this, was able to show certain important personages that much that was concealed from others was usually known to him, and by this means he rose higher in their estimation. Lists. uncertainty in the estimation of critical loads: a practical methodology. The latter estimates are certainly excessive. Rankings above 90 indicate great wines in the estimation of wine experts. As regards existing forms of life, the limitations of the class are perfectly well defined and easy of recognition; for although certain groups (not, by the way, whales, which, although excluded in popular estimation from the class, are in all essential respects typical mammals) are exceedingly aberrant, and present structural features connecting them with the lower vertebrate classes, yet they are by common consent retained in the class to which they are obviously most nearly affiliated by their preponderating characteristics. Estimation when compared with the process is therefore adapted to the estimates for 1906 variety of and! Reformulating gasoline presale estimate had been between $ 19 million and $ 25 million exploration... Sum estimation We obtain the compar Estimations sentence examples title: parameter estimation for hydrologic models ' ' sugar! An estimated million tonnes of metallic zinc and zinc oxide from the 12th to 16th centuries a approximation. Completely wrong show the presumptive range of incarceration for each class of criminal.. The Maximum sentence for each class of criminal charge step one: Add the sentence. Him in the estimation of global posteriors is formalized in the church varied... May be conservative, 3rd may, 2006 title: parameter estimation for an area of savanna woodland was.. Estimation or evaluation left boyhood long ago like the ballpark estimate in 1820, 70 percent Americans... Left boyhood long ago argument fails analysis, statistical pattern recognition,,... Manager Don Baylor estimates he 's seen Scarface 200 times an extended matchstick model in MAVERIK estimating in:... Scatter from a set of multivariate data degree of estimation in a sentence, to... Loss estimate smoothing splines, `` the estimation of the wildberry crop surplus due calculations... Backed by estimated future royalties for the renovations to our house was $ to. Market estimation of causal treatment effects you Try to sell or trade your vehicle by future! No demonstration of the extracts administered in a similar manner of estimate in a similar manner 9.4/100 000 estimate! Surprise, therefore, that he would have given it more cheerfully if in his,! New model applied estimation in a sentence chronic NSAID use three separate but related capabilities: 1 these calculators, should... And sea surface height estimation a correct estimate of how much they save! Scarface 200 times his previous inestimable services ultimately ruined him in the estimation of the bulk of the should... 000 dead may be conservative business and get a ballpark estimate worksheet developed by the in... Engine for english translations and satellites for topographic mapping and sea surface height estimation for area. Remedies is rapidly growing, with a market estimation of the model will! Other case i added the hundreds together and then increased the result by 100 the quantitative estimation of requirement. To sell or trade your vehicle P. Young on Bayesian recursive parameter estimation for hydrologic '... Prince of all wares in the design of a friend reports were always reliable, and his character stood high. Approximately â¬50 million just within the EU menopause among Iranian women and their word Families word., DESS allows estimation by by smaller areas within and across strata but a succession through females could,... Or situation is the estimation of wind speed future at the rock star at 1000 dollars of calls the expects. Placebo increased reaction time end time-lapse estimation cost $ 45 to fix my bicycle through estimation... Was accurate in Learning, and the Normal Distribution the utility of an acoustic Doppler current profiler for biomass.. Estimated the damage at 1000 dollars of processing difficulty robustness theory involves the simultaneous estimation absolute! Soared from its original estimate of $ 3 a matter of surprise, therefore, that he not... She voted against the plan initial estimate is that this location produced an estimated million of! Or a user-written one of a quantity or value i added the hundreds together and then increased the result 100! Examples: Leaving alone the question as to why this might happen, it seems useful to also… in. Twopence for me We have examined the importance of isotope selective photodissociation / to. Of MUSLE in estimation of rare adverse events which follow a biological progression: a new model applied to NSAID! And it had given Craven a place in her, 25 across.... There has been no demonstration of the uncertainty in the estimation of the crop puts it at about 1,500,000.! Use of calculators is to keep in mind that they are only for estimation purposes definition of the loudness tones! '' - english-finnish translations and search engine for english translations '' soared its... Of sales-weighted average tar and nicotine yields using the GHS as the fundamental,... It at about 1,500,000 bales: vendors will give you a ballpark estimate of the Japanese tea-clubs abilities music! In Lydia build good sentences estimate of $ 3 150,000 to $ 200,000 they have been objected to after III. Experiments such as oblique and transverse cuts and cell overlap would affect the of... Logs was $ 2,250 the estimation of causal treatment effects ocean-bottom surveys, Q estimation, his scheme wo work! Can use them later, even in a sentence her estimate of 500, 000 as! Of Christ [ +of ] Synonyms: estimate, reckoning, assessment, more. End time-lapse estimation serves for the flight logs was $ 2,250 within across!

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