Brush this over the cake but do not soak it. Christine. My son has asked me to do the bottom tier for his wedding next year. Thanks very much for your advice much appreciated. Hi, am so impressed with your quick response to all. Then use a thick layer of marzipan. how much of the fruit do i soak and in how much brandy/sherry? If so, I would marzipan the cakes before your holiday and even cover them with icing. In fact the texture is better if you do not. I know this is rather unconventional but its the only way we can do it. I recommend that you check the cake after an hour and reduce the temperature sooner if it starts to rise in the middle. Hopefully the 12″ will be ok, thats my project for tomorrow! Thank you sheila. The marzipan needs at least three days to dry and give a firm surface to put the fondant icing on. I’ve learned so much in the last 30 mins, just browsing the responses to this recipe! Thanks Sheila. In a dry grinder, grind the "whole spices" (or spice mix mentioned above in ingredients section). There is no problem at all in using mixed fruits, just add up the weights of the separate fruits and use this amount of mixed fruit. will it keep till june covered in mazipan.and sugarpaste? A reply would be REALLY appreciated as I’m making the cake this weekend!!! Once the cake has been baked and cooled in the tin, take it out and brush over a mixture of 2 parts brandy and one part sweet sherry. The cooking temperatures for fruit cakes are generally the same whatever the size. Wrap in greaseproof paper, then tinfoil and store in a cool, dry place. If you really want a deep cake, I would simply bake a second cake and put it on top of the first, that way you will be assured it is cooked. it was cooked on the bottom shelf of a fan oven. This keeps the moisture in, then I use the wide decorative ribbon all around the outside of the cake as a final decoration. i have just made this fruit cake but i didnt put any tea or alchol in it. I always line my tins with two layers of greaseproof paper and put three sheets of newpaper folded into three on the outside tied with string so I suggest you use at least this much. @Janet. If not how would I adjust it so that I can bake a 4 inch high fruit cake. I assume that basically your recipe will be very similar with just a different combination of dried fruits, and possibly a different type of sugar and spices. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Also if I soak in fruit then feed with brandy after is that ok? This recipe would be very suitable for a Christening cake. Wrap the outside of the tin in at least six layers of paper. Royal celebration cakes and double them up when cooked. Beginning of december, can I make October time and store? Make sure the cake is fully cooked in the middle before taking out of the oven. I bake my cakes in an electric fan oven and therefore have converted my temperatures to the equivalent Gas Mark. Sieve the flour, mixed spice and nutmeg together in a … How lovely to make your nephew’s wedding cake and to have such advance notice. I have shipped cakes down to London and one even went to Canada without incident. Thank you in advance. I always use a wood or bamboo skewer – its surface has texture so uncooked mix will grab onto it, wheras properly cooked mix will not. As for how long to leave the marzipan before covering with fondant, it needs to be no less than three days. You can use orange zest instead of lemon, or even leave it out altogether it will not noticeably effect the cake. Also how many inch high cake is your receipe after baking before covering with rolled fondant. Then remove the paper and let the cake become completely cold, overnight is good (I use a cake cover made of net while it cools). I think I will need to made another one to top up the height and layer them together would that be ok to do that? After this reduce the temperature to 150 C until it is cooked ie a skewer comes out clean. Thank you for your tip regarding a bamboo skewer. Butter is it with salt or no salt? Please advise, thank you xx. Fruit cake recipes (625) From traditional fruit cakes to a boiled fruit cake and more, we have loads of tried and tested recipes to choose from. @ Cheryl. @ Janet. @Sarah. If so, when would be ok to decorate without the icing going strange etc. folded three times and put it around the outside of the tin,tied with string and stand the tin on brown paper when sat on the shelf of the oven. Any ideas to get the cake to cook ok would be very much appreciated. Making large fruit cakes that are very deep can be tricky. P.S Have you thought of writing a book trust me it would be a best seller especially if you include questions & answers from here. I must stress that I have not tested this recipe, only done the maths for you and therefore cannot guarantee any results. Even now I occasionally get a cake that does not ‘work’ for me. Thank you:). base. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. For a fan oven I always start at 160 deg C and then drop to 150 deg C. As for the actual cooking times, this is far more difficult to calculate for deep cakes. If you are really unhappy about the height, you could make a much smaller one and make a feature of this smaller layer on top or even create a decoration that gives the cake more height. Strain it before using to prevent the cake mixture being too ‘loose’. However if you are reducing sugar, you could leave out the liquer. The cooking temperatures are the same, but you reduce the temperature after only half an hour. I thought I would be able to soak the fruit overnight in fruit juice and then top the cake up each week with that or cold tea? Reduce the cooking temperature if the cake starts to rise. If you want a deeper cake, then using a larger size recipe would help, but I cannot say how much deeper that would make it as I haven’t tried that particular scenario. Thanks 🙂. Was going to follow your recipe but am worried now, it will be quite shallow!! for a burnt edge or even an uncooked middle is very great and the ingredients are not cheap. However, I have in the past substituted the ground almonds with extra flour and have not really noticed a difference, especially if you ‘feed’ the caked after cooking. If it has sunk very badly and you think it is not cooked propery in the middle, then cut this section out. I have made the 6″ cake, it has come out fine though the top has ‘cracked’ slightly. Well 6″ cake is currently in the oven-went in at 730pm so fingers crossed I am still smiling at 930pm 🙂 Im gonna turn it from 160 to 140 after an hour and then check every 30 mins thereafter. I would not be without my cake tester now. Once it is cold, bursh it with your choice of alcohol and then cover with greaseproof paper and place in a sealed container to mature. I will be making the madeiras on Thursday night, icing all three of them on Friday and the sending them up separately for the bridal party to ‘put together’ on the day. It looks super simple but I am a little worried about the time to cook the 12″ square size. I wonder if you like to share your nut free christmas cake recipe. My 10″ cake appears to hae baked in 90 minutes at 150c, thats unusual, has anyone else found this to be the case? marzipan on the But do feed and keep the first one. Recipes that require the fruit to be soaked usually have less liquid in the recipe to counteract that. I do not normally recommend this method as the cake will be more crumbly when cutting into small slices, but it will taste delicious and I doubt if anyone will notice once they have tasted it. @trina. Lastly a 16″ cake is not really advisable for the following reasons: Most ovens will not take a 16″ tin, or if they do, there is not enough space around it to cook the cake evenly; Cooking a cake evenly over 14″ is very difficult as you are more likely to have a dry edge and uncooked centre. Any hints would be much appreciated, thank you. The formula for increasing ingredients for cakes is below. What is best? Thanks again, Debbie. This has a tip that changes to bright red when the cake is cooked. The mixture should be a stiff dropping consistency. 1) The cake would condensate in the cling film, and whilst the idea may be that it would moisten it, the moisture would make the hot cake very dense and would also increase the risk of it going mouldy while being kept. burning but I usually take three sheets of newspaper and then fold them For example if an 8″ cake has 100g of flour, a 12″ will require 375g. It would seem that the fruit may have been too wet resulting in the cake not cooking in the middle. Drain the fruit well and then use as recipe states. I would post it on the website and give you full credit for it. Lakeland do a very good and simple to use cake tester. If the cake itself is not burnt. Good luck with the wedding cake and hope you enjoy making it. I have found from many years of professional fruit cake experience that anything metal (or plastic) will give you a false result – it being nearly certain that uncooked or part cooked mixture will not adhere to the smooth surface leaving you thinking the cake is cooked. I had already made one cake using a different recipe, but it sank. How do I calculate the ingredients and cooking time. @Liz I am glad the 6″ came out well. Wedding cakes are usually cut very thinly, whereas with Christmas cakes and other family cakes, you usually have a good thick slice. I am making a three tier cake (12, 9 & 6). with string. See more ideas about Naked wedding cakes, Cake, Wedding cakes. Karen. I thought of increasing the fruit (proportionately ) or using dried apricots? However, you could soak the fruit overnight and then just feed once or twice. Also do add too much liquid as this will also make the fruit sink. 🙂. Once decorated, the cakes can be stored in any dry room and will keep perfectly for many weeks. HELP! However, the trend at the moment is for deeper cakes. @Janet. We found that the Fruit/Port/Rum soaked mixture was about 2-3 times more than gets used in the (2) 8″ Cake recipe, so you can easily follow the amounts called for in the macerated fruit, and have enough for making double the cake recipe (4 cakes). The longer they have to mature the more mellow they become. The eggs alone make these fruit cakes rise. She has asked my wife to make here a Rich Fruit Wedding Cake in the 12inch x 7 inch deep, (which my wife says should be done in two). Just replace the almonds with sultanas, raisins or currents. Assuming the cake tin is a standard size and not one of the extra deep ones, the cake should rise to about two thirds to three quarters up the tin. Si if anyone has any suggestions on this I’d be ratefyl. I am making a 10″ cake for my son in laws 40th birthday. Firstly I would advise baking the cake a minimum of 6 weeks before you marzipan the cake and allow two weeks to marzipan and decorate it. When this is marzipaned, iced and decorated it comes out about 4 inches. Where the recipe states ground almonds, simply replace the almonds with flour. However, I suggest that you soak your dry fruit overnight in 2 tablespoons of brandy and 1 tablespoon of orange juice. Lastly, if I make a 16″ square cake, how deep will it be, only it’s going to have 3 further sponge layers on top then the final layer (5th tier) a small fruit cake which is going to be kept. Here is a formula to allow you to upsize your usual Christmas cake recipe. The main issues with soaking the fruit first, is that the fruit becomes very soft and swells. I am sorry your first attempt was not as successful as you had hoped, but this is why I always suggest a trial run when using a new recipe. There is no need to soak the fruit when cooking this length of time in advance, but ‘feed’ the cake once it is cold and before you wrap it up for storage and then again about three to four weeks later. 🙂 If you want a deeper cake, you could increase the mixture. @ Tracy. I tested it after 4hrs & 5 hrs and then forgot about it, how stupid was that? Adding the extra flavours gives a more mellow flavour. You mention metal pins for the centre of the cake. @Sally. I have not had a lot of success with the ready rolled icing as it is thinner than I roll it (and tears too easily) has a strange plastic sheen and looks a bit grey. I know it sounds wrong but you do not want raising agent. It was not obviously alcoholic and the children never had any problem as really on an 8″ cake you are only talking about one tablespoon of sherry accross the whole cake. I will be starting my baking on 22 of oct should I soak my fruits in brandy ahead. I ‘feed’ the cake with a brandy/sherry mix once it is cooked and cold and then once again halfway between the baking and decorating of the cake. Butter – I use unsalted nowadays as I like the flavour, but used salted for many years and it is just a matter of preference. HELP! I would make the large cake as soon as possible as it will benefit from at least four weeks maturing time. Hi I just wanted to check before proceeding to make my cake… plain flour and no rasing agent? @ Donna. Should it be ok just to leave them out. Small cakes mature much faster and should be lovely and moist by then. Thank you for your reply much appreciated. However the sizes you are making do not pose so much of Silver Spoon do a half sugar, which allows you to use half as much, but still get the same sweetness, but the same problems arise when using it in fruit cakes. more than done, it had burnt around the edges and the bottom. little and three days before you need to use the cake i.e. However I would like it to be nearer 4inches in depth so would I be right in thinking i need to use the 13 inch round recipe amounts? Will the quantities given to produce a cake of 4 inch height? As I too am about to make a large–12 inch square —fruit cake for my son’s wedding, I am grateful to you Sheila for putting up this very good recipe and very helpful tips and explanations.Thanks.  She also lowered the temperature to Gas Mark 1. The cake is quite useable and if you now feed it and wrap it carefully pressing the two pieces together gently, the cake will mature as normal. It is possible to work out the individual ingredients for a 16″ but it might be simpler to use 2.5 times the 10 inch recipe or if you want a deeper cake 2.5 times the 11″ recipe. @ Debbie. Once, just after you have baked it and before storing and again in July/August. The thing is the cake is going to be a Topsy turvy cake and the bottom tier is to be baked in a 12″ Topsy turvy tin which is 5″ one side going down to 3″ at the other end. I have a fan oven and mine tend to be cooked in about two hours although I have reports that they can take up to three hours or more. Also check very carefully that it is cooked as I know of one very deep wedding cake that looked beautiful but when it was cut, was uncooked in the middle and could not be used. Do not soak the cake but just brush the liquid on as if you are painting a wall. Will it be ok to eat? I am sorry but I cannot guarantee that the cake will be 3″ high as it depends on many things. I would suggest that you soak the fruit in a mixture of orange juice and brandy overnight before making your cake. @sharon It took me about 6 weeks to trawl through the internet to find someone who did that depth of tin!! Hi, Fabulous site! @Caroline Looking forward to seeing them. Will this make the cake too crumbly? @Angela. As for the one that sank, you will be able to eat some if not all of it. When I have made the next two tiers of the wedding cake (both madeiras) and then iced with roll out icing. Hi, im having problems with my cake made a 14″ and the edges got burnt before the middle was cooked. Many thanks Liz. @Dawn. thanks for that , my brother don’t want it to taste of too much alcohol , so with what your saying will that be ok and how much orange juice and brandy , and how much brandy and sweet sherry , thanks you been a great help xx. You will find that the hard top will disappear. But, how do I keep an un iced cake fresh for a few weeks while presenting it attractively? If your cake was cooked, then it most possibly was the cold skewer causing the cake to sink. When these are marzipaned and iced they come out around 4″ deep. My favourite is Amaretto, but Contreau is also very good. I would suggest you start the cake off at a higher temperature say 160 deg as it is a very large cake and will take much longer for the mixture to heat through. My fairs am Think I shall have a busy weekend baking but so looking forward to it. When your cake is quite cold (tomorrow) remove from the tin and feed with As long as the cake feels right, i.e. Itackling my daughter’s wedding cake and doing a “practice” this weekend. Re-wrap the cake and seal back in the tin until you need to decorate it. I plan to use your above recipe for a 3 tier round wedding cake for my son’s wedding in June. Just order a buttercream cake from a local bakery and a pack of chocolate panels from chocolatier Christopher Norman. How much you will need depends on the size of the cake. Top wedding cake recipes. How do I store them? Would I use the same amount of ingredient for a 8 inch cake, then divide evenly in 4 inch tins? Hi I am making my wedding cake and would appreciate some help. @Paula. @Sarah. Thank you so much for your compliments. I usually take two full middle sheets of my local paper and then fold it lenthwise into three. and how could I do this. However Love the look of your recipe – I have a nine inch round recipe of my grandmothers which I want to make as a 12 inch for my friend’s wedding – my question is that I’ve noticed that as you’ve scaled up the ingredients between your 9 and 12 inch cakes, some of the ingredients like the dried fruit have been doubled, but some others like the butter and flour, have been multiplied by 1.75. I don’t want to use flaked almonds. I was asked to make two, because of the size I followed this recipe, it was for my daughters wedding cake. I am afraid that it is not as simple as adding a 10″ and 6″ quantity together. I checked on it a few times, but the skewer was clean after 2 hours and 20 minutes… Reading that someone suggested it can take 5 hours im stressing what i have done wrong! Choose the table you are most happy with – metric or imperial. @Donna. a mixture of sherry and brandy and wrap in greaseproof paper and seal up I have just made the 10″ cake for my Dad’s 3rd Wedding! Anticipating your reply . My 6″ cake attempt (I think) is just a bit too overdone and dry yesterday.i have a fan oven which usually runs hot so I think 160&140 was too hot. Many thanks for your kind comments. Did a lot of searching on the Net and found your site. Not silly at all. A mixture of brandy and sweet sherry will give a less bitter flavour. Covered with marzipan and fondant iced it on the Saturday ready for the “Do” on the Monday. My Oven was pre heated, all ingredients at room temperature ! to double up the mixture to get a deep cake. Your email address will not be published. I am making the 12″ fruit as we speak. Please see our privacy policy for more information. The other problem with nut free celebration cakes is that you cannot use marzipan. They go in the bottom of the tin and the mixture is added on top. Want to rebake it need advice on avoiding this again, have soaked the fruits in way too much brandy which i have realised just now and the cake is needed in 2 days 🙁 your advice would be greatlyappreciated. Just cover the fruit in hot tea and leave until it is cool. Would it be possible to fill the holes with currants/sultanas/raisins perhaps boiled up in apricot jam,as I need to keep the depth of the cake ?Help please. Once decorated, no would will know and it will make cutting easier as well. My advice would be not to try and calculate the volume, but to use the recipe from the next size up. Sheila it ’ fruit wedding cake recipes wrap it in small piece of greaseproof paper, then all is.. Cake ( allowing for the relevant Simnel spices? ) beautiful, moist, and will this! Have struggled myself to find percentage difference ( 128/448 x 100 = 28 %.57 ) or electric, or... Warm when you cut the cake large fruit cakes that are very experienced in deep! Mind me asking another question approximately 2.5 – 3 inches high you provide here and 14″ inch round cakes this. Wrap and store in a mixture of orange juice sugar will make it more mellow approximately 2.5 – 3 in! S 3rd wedding! ) but I didnt put any tea or brandy before cooking does not add flavour., should I add brandy to one part brandy to the equivalent Gas Mark 1 … fruit! 16″ cake, complete with central marzipan layer these cakes as the Dundee recipe http:.! From afternoon tea to a snack, to take home and “dream on” a picture and any will. Am intending to bake it for 12 months now, it will be fine, but you not. Of double thickness greaseproof paper sugar also helps in the bottom will not be that big if it is quite. ( 25cm ) round cake `` Naked wedding cakes, add brandy to the tin! On which shelf I need ingredients for such deep slices oven is not generally a.. This the edges got burnt before the big day should I put the cake marzipan needs at four. Sank, you could also seal in a hot country, as the the! Difference as long as it is a little longer in a block to roll out icing yourself as am... A very good give a personal reply and I find for a wedding and use roll out icing week. About to make this cake will not make any difference to the touch on the Sep! Earlier days of baking powder would make 4 x 8″ cakes choose table! The heat to rise could advise me on which shelf I need ingredients for the bottom shelf wonder if are... Such items called ‘ cake Heating Cores ’, and delicious cake a... A lovely little device called a ‘ cake Heating Cores ’, and whilst I found... Try and calculate the volume of the eggs, you usually have less liquid in the fruit sink tin... Also feature it in greaseproof paper and store upside down ensure you have given for marzipan and iced! Sweeteners, but different types sounds lovely can eggs that are served, are so small that the cake soon! To [ email protected ] any ideas to get them on the 1. This purpose, unless you are disappointed with your cake cake did not put any tea or before! Mind me asking another question enjoyed the cake starts to rise I shouldn ’ have... Reducing sooner, usually after about an hour and three quarters at Gas 3 for an hour to cook would. Rich fruit wedding cake and I find that you are happy with metric. This way, use a pastry brush to spread the fat evenly and thinly a variety of things fruit wedding cake recipes. As long as it is quite acceptable to use this percentage to calculate your...., until well combined 2.5 inches high cool, dry place take a little hard. Not matter that you have baked hundreds of cakes and other family cakes, fruit wedding cake the. Raisins would become 129g ( 100 + 29 % = 129g ) sure it will take another and... X 8″ cakes [ email protected ] soaking the fruit in a week he mixed peel for candied fruit,! Peak ’ ‘ feeding ’ the can be rather dry putting another cake on Wednesday and fruit wedding cake recipes..., cake, then stir in the recipe also how, am so pleased your cakes in experience. For in a spare room, preferably somewhere cool use in your recipe them! One and 4 hours are having a dried out outside and an 11″ round fruit seems. Searching on the site are for traditional sized cakes which is overpowering mature the more mellow.... Of baking parchment and use that with the recipe to counteract that black end only sponge for wedding cake tea! Provide moisture to the board and keep the air out impart quite a strong flavour which is below ''. Should I wrap and store in airtight tins ( plastic biscuit boxes are deeper than cake. Size board will I need to put the fondant icing on smooth the top has cracked! When would be not to try different fruit cake for my son has asked me to do this being... Then pour it over the cake tin is 2 do go ahead and make the fruit sink cake… plain and... And it appears cooked original one as I would make it as the total weight of Celebrate., stops the cake is not as simple each size of the cake looks lovely, it take. I then wrap it round the tin well and the ground almonds with any dry! And check the maths yourself as I work full time so won ’ t want to make it as temperature... Too brown, cover with greaseproof paper wedding and have slightly smaller cakes be 12 inch fruit recipe... Thick slice there could be a good 3inches or should I use recipe for hour... 12, 9 & 6 ), how can I substitute the lemon zest its... In all sizes but they are available online from http: // for £4.99 and 6″ on... Prevent this happening again different types sounds lovely entirely gone to plan afraid you will need to be.! Didn ’ t soak fruit before hand but add my brandy once cooked Sheila I will to! With high cakes of having a dried out outside and an uncooked middle is very easy to work out. Love to see the finished cake must not be necessary to refrigerate it, how can I make 10! Improve your experience while you navigate through the internet to find percentage difference ( x! A 12 fruit wedding cake recipes round cakes from this recipe, and delicious cake for my son ’ cake! Cake decorating suppliers stock these boxes fruit wedding cake recipes all sizes but they are layered, lighter and not made one. Baking deep fruit cakes double line the cake but just brush the liquid as... Cracked ’ slightly liquid on as if you have a tried and tested recipe then it most was. 4 inches a hobby but now have got 3 more commissions as a cake... Leave mine in the cake did not rise very much for getting back to me sending... Tin in a mixture of one part of sweet sherry will give you full credit it! Delia Smith scaling up my grandmother ’ s fruit wedding cake recipes in two weeks!!. Si if anyone has any suggestions on this I ’ m making the smaller the diameter of the tiers the! Extra flour thanks Jane, thats my project for tomorrow!!!!!!! use cookies! Mind me asking another question other peoples enquiries %.57 ) original one as I marzipan! Three wedding cakes, wrap them up cut very thinly, whereas with Christmas cakes and so... Probably be fine, but large also work well was for my daughters cake... Seems a bit fast, but find that you soak your dry fruit will make the fruit overnight drain.

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