In the heat, it can even be daily watering. Don’t worry, it is free, and you can download it instantly. Pruning Crape Myrtles. Simply deadhead in late winter or early spring by cutting last year’s spent flowers off and prune an inch or two down to the next set of healthy buds that should be developing. How to Prune Hydrangeas. Do it yourselfers all fear the same thing: Incorrect pruning will lead to a hydrangea that doesn’t bloom. Mopheads form flowers in spring from buds that formed in late summer. Then, no matter which type of hydrangea you have, don’t prune more than one-third of the shrub. Hydrangeas are also hardy, insect, and disease resistant, and versatile. Hydrangeas are hardy and easy to grow, and they make a statement in your garden with their large, brightly colored blooms. Big-leaf hydrangeas, Hydrangea macrophyla: These are the most common species and include the popular mopheads and lacecaps in wide-ranging colors of blue, violet, pink, purple, red and white.They bloom in early summer on old wood, so prune them after flowering. Be careful when pruning Hydrangeas and removing what looks like old or dead growth. Quick Ways to Identify Hydrangeas . So people always want to know the best time to prune hydrangeas without cutting off next year’s bloom. Mulch annually with well-rotted manure or compost. Hydrangeas of this type produce flowers from side shoots, which can be pruned in fall after blooming has ceased. Dead blooms form an important protective layer for emerging buds, so it is best to leave them on the plant over winter to provide some frost protection. Mophead hydrangeas do not have to be pruned back unless they are very old. This is a plant that changes color as the summer wears on, so you are not stuck with one floral color. When you click on the button this 1-page printable will be added to your cart. To tidy up the appearance of your hydrangeas, you can remove old blooms simply snipping them off below the flower head. More on growing hydrangeas: Nine white hydrangeas to grow; Panicle hydrangeas to grow; Nine of the best hydrangeas to grow; Where to plant hydrangeas . Prune these hydrangeas only in the summer before August (to be safe). These hydrangeas bloom on old wood. When to prune these woody-stemmed hydrangeas is not critical as bigleaf varieties, as long as you avoid pruning when the flower buds are opening. Learn how from the experts at Gardener's Supply in Vermont. When to prune hydrangeas Proper timing for pruning is the key to keeping hydrangeas flowering to their best potential. The best time to prune will depend on the variety of hydrangeas you have. How to Prune Hydrangeas. Some experts believe these hydrangeas may be pruned even into August, but this might be risky. How to Prune Your Hydrangeas. Several varieties of hydrangeas, such as Oakleaf, Mountain, Mop Head, or Big Leaf Hydrangeas, bloom on old growth. The … Hydrangeas are a very sought after plant, and have been for many years. I know people are confused about how to prune hydrangeas because I get asked about it all the time. Here’s our quick video on how to prune and when to prune your hydrangeas. How you prune your hydrangeas depends on what type you have. Some varieties set buds on last years … We love to see our hydrangeas healthy and full of those gorgeous mops of blooms. Some people say that you can prune these hydrangeas as late as mid-August without affecting next year’s bloom, but it’s best to prune no later than the end of July just to be on the safe side. Follow this pruning guide to get beautiful hydrangea flowers that bloom every year. Although this can result in weaker, droopy stems, it shouldn’t hurt a hydrangea. One drawback is that different cultivars require different pruning styles and many gardeners don’t know how and when to prune them. Prune as far back as you want right above the first leaf joints. They grow well in a variety of soils and tolerate wetness better than most other woody plants. How To Prune Hydrangeas. How to Prune Hydrangeas. The hydrangeas may already have set their bloom buds for the next year. Another way to attempt to control size is to prune out up to 1/3 of the tallest canes every year. Pruning only needs to occur to keep a shrub well shaped, or after many years of growth to keep it manageable. Summer is an exception though. Hydrangeas that bloom on old growth should only be pruned after flowering. Dead Hydrangea flowers can also be removed. As mentioned above, some gardeners prune their hydrangeas hard to the ground (3-12” high) regularly. Use these hydrangea pruning tips to help you make the most of these gorgeous flowering shrubs. Painting Clay Pots. Read on to find out everything you need to know about pruning hydrangeas. Pee Gee hydrangeas bloom in white in the summer with the flowers aging into hues of pink and remaining on the plant well into fall. The amount of water should be enough to saturate the plant, but you do not need to make a swamp. Different Hydrangea varieties require different levels of attention. Mophead hydrangeas never need to be pruned. But with that said, if you will be pruning, there are a few things you need to know first. Jane demonstrates how to prune hydrangeas for the best blooms. Like many things in the garden, the best time to prune hydrangeas depends on several factors. Editor’s Tip: Be sure to give your hydrangea plenty of water when the temperatures creep up. Hydrangea Macrophylla types are the main garden Hydrangeas grown in the UK. About half the pruning questions googled are related to hydrangeas. As mentioned at the start of this article mop-head and lace-cap require minimal pruning as they produce flowers on old wood. Other Techniques to prune your hydrangeas. In contrast, hydrangeas that bloom on new wood can be pruned any time except summer (panicled and PeeGee hydrangeas) or spring (‘Annabelle’ hydrangeas). Water the plants as often as needed. This means that the plant will form its new buds on last year’s growth or shoots. When to Prune Hydrangeas That Bloom on Old Growth. Fall Blooming. And if your hydrangea doesn’t bloom, then what’s the point of having them. The three most common reasons for their confusion are the plant’s dead-looking appearance in winter, its failure to bloom in summer, and the reasoning that because it’s a shrub it needs to be pruned. How to prune your hydrangeas generally depends on which of the four groups it falls in: Smooth, Panicle, Bigleaf, and Oakleaf. For the purpose of this page, they can be treated in the same manner as far as pruning is concerned. This can also be done in very late winter in warmer areas, after the last hard frost. Concurrently you can remove any straggly canes that have fallen to the soil level. With these hydrangeas, you can prune at any time and still anticipate some flowers, but you’ll get the best show if you cut older stems only right after flowering. Hydrangeas will thrive in most soil types. These begin white and slowly turn pink. First, it’s important to realize hydrangeas do not need pruning every year. The old-fashioned pompon variety (Hydrangea macrophylla) blooms on previous year’s growth, or what is referred to as old wood, while Hydrangea paniculata and Hydrangea arborescens set flowers on the current year’s growth. How to prune hydrangeas. They can be pruned just about any season of the year without being harmed. Prune mophead and lacecap varieties in spring and other varieties in summer. SERIES 26 Episode 21. It will grow from that point onward, getting larger each year. To Prune Or Not To Prune. Big leaf hydrangeas. Test Garden Tip: When pruning hydrangeas in general, it's best to remove no more than one-third of the plant at any one time when they are actively growing. Your objective determines how you prune paniculatas. Hydrangeas are known for the summer color that they afford the landscape, and Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea is one type that furnishes that color in style. Let me start with the old-fashioned type as they are the most popular. The soil around the bush should always be moist. We never spam: your information is used for this transaction only. The group is split into two distinct flower types – The Mopheads and the Lacecaps. How to Prune Hydrangeas. When to Prune Panicle Hydrangeas. Here’s expert advice from guest bloggers Megan Nichols and Jessie Jacobson of Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka, MN on the ins and outs of pruning hydrangeas. If you cut back or vigorously prune a hydrangea that blooms on old growth, then you run the risk of losing the majority of your flowers next … You simply remove the dead Hydrangea branches every fall and await new growth to emerge. This is often done to keep a plant small, globe-shaped, and “in-bounds”. (Their zip code may just contain more hydrangea trees and shrubs than just about anywhere in the U.S. — in other words, they know!) Tools Needed to Prune Hydrangeas Hydrangeas are some of our favorite summer bloomers. When to Prune Hydrangeas. How to grow hydrangeas – hydrangea growing in a pot. Panicle Hydrangeas are known for blooming on new wood, making them very easy to prune. First things first—make sure your shears are sharp! "Old Wood" are stems that have been on the hydrangea since the summer before the current season. Both Mophead and Lacecap Hydrangeas benefit from pruning to keep shape and size under control, but neither actually ‘Need’ pruning. They have beautiful big, showy flowers making them a must in many gardens. However, new growth will require a lot of moisture. When ready and necessary, there is a video here showing how to prune hydrangeas. The most common types, called Peegee Hydrangea (H. paniculata Grandiflora), sport massive snowball-shaped flower clusters that bloom in mid to late summer. This is because late summer is their blooming season, and pruning them at this time will mean cutting off most of their flowers. Removing dead stems and blooms is the only pruning that should be done for the health of the plant, and these can be removed at any time. If you’re wondering when, why, and how to prune hydrangeas, we’ve got the information you need! We cover other pruning methods in Pruning & Your Plants; however, this specific article aims to help you identify which type of hydrangea you have and its pruning needs. Confused about when to prune hydrangeas? Pro tip: In most cases, you can get more out of your hydrangeas by pruning in the early spring/late winter. The blooms are white at first (with pink centers), but soon they morph to pink. However, the type you have will determine when to prune hydrangeas. They are a versatile shrub that require very little attention and they are great in pots and perfect for use in flower arrangements, especially because they can bloom for such a long time. Prune hydrangeas in this group immediately after flowering, before new growth begins. But if your hydrangea is getting much too large or old, use the following method. In some cases you might want to do something other than regular pruning, pruning for a purpose. In fact, they can produce strong blooms for years without ever cutting back at all. When to Prune Hydrangeas. Prune in late winter and early spring. Winter is a great time to put on some warm clothes and get out and start to prune. There are different kinds of hydrangeas, and as such, there’s no one method that applies to all. Wait until the last frosts are over, as a hard frost in May can wipe out a year's flowers. To get the timing right, you need to identify what type of hydrangea you have. If you’re not 100% sure what variety of hydrangea you have, play it safe and simply deadhead it. Prune out deadwood and weak growth. Cut back shoots to the last healthy bud. Step 1 Prune your Hydrangea paniculata tree in the early spring before new, visible growth begins to emerge. … Method I is for hydrangea types that bloom on old wood. After you prune the hydrangeas, the amount of water they needed before pruning will decrease. If you’re growing a newer repeat blooming Hydrangea macrophylla, it flowers on both old and new growth. When to prune hydrangea bushes varies and is not an exact science.

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