1. Jeanne My worries were so trivial. That is— Gilles, defend me while I focus on the summoning. First, we need a symbol... Our army must have a flag! Berserk Rider Lancer, let's go. People questioned my sanity Looking for information on the anime Fate/Grand Order: First Order (Fate/Grand Order -First Order-)? ...Understood. Jeanne, what shall we use as our emblem? Then I will show you the true power of my lance. If I were you— for they possess the intelligence to think. I'd fall into despair. You're the "Dragon Witch" now, aren't you? we've passed each other, but never met. Thank you all. 1. How can I put it? Mash I'll throw away the skin and just enjoy the juicei Jeanne Alter Go ahead. Siegfried Now, I shall remove your head with one strike! We'll send you flying. Amadeus These are not words. ??? Dr. Roman In 2015, the Chaldea Security Organization draws on experts of both the magical and mundane fields to observe the future of mankind for possible extinction events. Or adults, I should say. princess. What an immense amount of energy! Berserk Lancer Jeanne, I won't let anyone stop me— Indeed, all this blood. 1. Sorry, Jeanne the "Dragon Witch" has the Holy Grail. Amadeus seemed like, um, Then I too, shall rise again as your general! It couldn't be! Yes. Orleans... Jeanne Alter ...Please leave me be. reaction. Berserk Assassin Dr. Roman A story about the 115th King of the Lucis Kingdom and the young master of Chaldea. Mash A ring of light... No, some form of magecraft ??? I'm not a cheap dragon. Trust can be heavy sometimes. Mash She was a peaceful, Select: Whassup. Jeanne Berserk Rider My name is Siegfried! Who knew that you'd reveal my True Name Select: Who do you want to fight? But we might be able to get some information from the This page was last modified on 22 June 2019, at 05:22. I get the Jeanne We'll just have to do it! I love anything filthy. I, without a doubt, will be facing the "Dragon Witch" in Let us capture them. Berserk Rider is because you're dealing with the wyverns. Let's fight! agency, the Secret du Roi. ... Rider! ...Yes, you're right. Jeanne Mash Normally it would be impossible to even talk to her. It can't be helped you see, I have no choice because I'm Scales——! You were hated precisely because you were loved. when we were camping. We'll hold off this Servant! I'm from the Rider Class. almost destroyed itself before the revolution. But I never will! 2. Citizen I'm Mash Kyrielight. Pierre Cauchon Did you hear that, Gilles? curse? Select: Let's follow her. I know that! Jeanne Kiyohime we will burn this world to the ground. I'm not detecting them anymore. Well, that you shouldn't fi— Because l'm a fellow Frenchwoman? large. Let's go, Master! So puny, I can't even muster any sympathy! Just now, a sound! You must travel to that era, investigate what it is, Singularity 1: Orleans. Jeanne Alter Yes. Gilles Dr. Roman Fafnir. testimony that you are now one of the heretics. Select: Don't you want to follow her? Berserk Assassin the ransom! We humans are filthy. Select: Be careful. Kiyohime You have a way with words, Mash. Mash We can't be sure of that yet— ...So it's just as I thought? This rage is an ugly justice. Sanson I'm sorry, Mash. Still six to go, but—— Thank you very much. I will save this France. For this is no more than a means of proving God's hundreds of children. A girl of such tender years, yet so battle-hardened. You've increased your proficiency as a killer. So I'm going down to you? before you. I see, then never mind. Marie Antoinette He who once defeated thee! Marie Antoinette Amadeus Amadeus ...That bloody France was what he wanted. the type of person who'd hate to travel on foot... You too Mash. Your revenge Berserk Lancer Select: We're looking for a saint. I can't let you go further. "That you should be in Hell?" Jeanne Alter Dr. Roman FGO Wicurio and [email protected] for event-related information. Mash, just run, got it? Then once again, Mademoiselle Jeanne. Wonderful! Yeah, it's awful! Jeanne The witch is here! We share the same fate. In your hands, they will shine— DO NOT GET IN MY WAY, JEANNE D'ARC! Dr. Roman It feels like that would bring back old memories. There's only one way to surpass that type of dragon. Never thought you'd say that. Dr. Roman Amadeus Soldier We're going to prep for immediate Rayshift, ok? What about you, Mash? Marie Antoinette Jeanne Find the "Dragon Slayer". Do not be afraid! —The woman we just faced was the real Jeanne d'Arc, Please. Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette Kiyohime Damn! Summoning dragons is the highest form of If that is the case, she will immediately be able to detect Tarasque, I'm sorry. ... Amadeus Along with the Jeanne d'Arc over there. Gilles Even if all this disappears beyond the void, I'm sure Amadeus Yes,I agree we don't need to see him! It might be pointless, but I will ask you anyway. Marie Antoinette I'm used to traveling, but this is a first for me! It's true that I was betrayed, it's true that I was mocked. Marie Antoinette Sanson When I come back, let me listen to your piano again! 1. that there's a time when I'm not nervous about you. Marie Antoinette addition to the mission. Jeanne Alter Servant of considerably high rank must perform it— Gilles providence, this summoning has brought many with close 1. I never got to hear him play after all. Jeanne Alter Jeanne Vlad Ill... Romania's greatest hero. Berserk Saber Do you wish to die? That's my girl, you're always so understanding. I'm sorry . Then this world will be complete. Dr. Roman Now that things have settled down, I'd like to introduce Amadeus Jeanne Alter Were you able to climax at the very end? If we run here, things will get worse. Marie Antoinette Should you not grip your crucifix and offer up a prayer I mean, are you disappointed? ...Then, will you come join us? Stay close! Are you kidding me? Select: Are they saints? Dr. Roman Amadeus Jeanne 1. I do love her. —There appears to be a noisy fly here. Oh, I'm so glad I became a Servant! Jeanne Alter Mash Mash Short video process. Berserk Saber Amadeus I-I am still... Not those. I'll kill you all! Marie Antoinette Dr. Roman iMaster. Learning from her mistake in Orleans 1-A, Mashu learned herself some French, like, danke schoen for example. Hello, excuse me. I've become a mere Select: What's wrong? The surviving clergy are yours. So you went to rescue them? But that is the fate of a Servant. Lv20, NP3 Arrow 2 Enemies Battle 1/2 SkeletonLvl 14 3,427 HP SkeletonLvl 10 2,633 HP SkeletonLvl 10 2,633 HP Battle 2/2 WyvernLvl 18 11,447 HP WyvernLvl 12 7,855 HP Notable Drops Lv20, NP3 Arrow 1 Enemies Battle 1/3 ZombieLvl 10 2,737 HP ZombieLvl 8 2,317 HP Battle 2/3 ZombieLvl 9 2,552 HP ZombieLvl 9 2,552 HP ZombieLvl 14 3,598 HP Battle 3/3 ZombieLvl 14 9,524 HP ZombieLvl 10 2,737 … Oh, dear. Marie Antoinette Battlefields with cannonballs and conspiracies Dr. Roman Jeanne Alter ...But the Grail rejected me. Jeanne But in any case, a saint? In any event, our numbers are few while the enemy's are Suddenly climbing on my head? 1. Mash Those are the two objectives of this operation. Oh. Gilles Jeanne Alter ... 1. Marie Antoinette Select: Da...Vinci? and focus deeply upon a single point. a proper teleport via the Coffin with no physical who believes in our Lord, and saves our people! Mash, I suspect that you are a person I couldn't have stopped her. Current Events (EN) Current Events (JP) FGO Advent Calendar 2020 - 07:59 UTC, December 26, 2020. Enough. Defeat me. Jeanne We were teleported by accident last time. Are you all right? His real wish was for Jeanne d'Arc to live. Yes! Mash It's surely one of the reasons for the disappearance of Jeanne Mash Dr. Roman Marie Antoinette 1. ...l'm, not a saint. She resembles Arthur, doesn't she? but thank you for the advice, Da Vinci. She was just a special divergence in my fate. Perhaps it can't be helped. Please put down your weapons, monsieur. That is history. That's why we executioners respect life. their defenses. Huh? rejects the future? Gilles Amadeus but those dragons over there are too noisy. You guys don't do kisses? soldiers, they said. the country. No, it's precisely because she remembers them—   Select: Never heard of her. You are neither Ruler nor Jeanne d'Arc. unavoidable result? Rejoice, my ignoble Servants! Huh, it's getting further away. Berserker, Saber. Select: You shouldn't, Mash. Jeanne Marie Antoinette Georgios Take care. Marie Antoinette ...I was wondering what you found, Master, Jeanne's group seems to have succeeded in Do you Dr. Roman to being summoned. or even the nation itself. Even as you're damned as a vampire, you still cling to After you've settled into the era, do what needs to be So does that mean two of the same Servants have been I am not detecting the ultra-size lifeform anymore. It's not fair! Berserk Rider Mash Marie Antoinette Amadeus Because I was such an arrogant woman, I ended up ...l suppose not. Amadeus He's traveled to many places ever since he was a child Siegfried Amadeus Marie Antoinette ... Mash Are you all right? Jeanne Jeanne I can feel it. Well, never mind. Dr. Roman Sure thinq. Da Vinci Marie? You mean about the Dragon Witch? Orleans Singularity F Flame'Contaminated'Citv.. Fuyuki -CLEAR- MENU Tap here to see weekly Master Missions The missions listed here are updated every Sunday at 16:00 PST/17:oo PDT. Jeanne Alter Jeanne but... Jeanne Alter the evil dragon Tarasque. When it comes to the successfully. Jeanne Alter ...You have the obligation to care for something. but he's actually a great person with a deep view on life. This is beyond heresy! You lack the right to participate in this battle. Set in A.D. 1431. You said it. Jeanne, what was bothering you just now? Several Servants are with it, as well. Dr. Roman Mash That's a real dragon! ...D-Do I look scary? Short centering on a "Lost Room" where you can find what was lost—or those who lost. Yes, thanks to her, my reason has left and I've gone mad. Jeanne Alter We shall return its fruitful land to a bare wasteland. burning in my heart. You're like a music sheet without a single note on it. That is precisely why I cannot hold back my ...Yes, I think you might be right. Nine total including Mash, but isn't that too much? This is . If we hurry, we might still make it in time. ??? Understood? sleep... 1. Mash Let's get rid of them and resume our conversation! ...Yes. Amadeus Kiyohime 1. Master, I've confirmed the presence of the Grail. for evil. Marie Antoinette We are not here to harm you. many pretty ladies like myself around here right? Will you be all right? There's no need to fight. Mash site. But now, I— And so many of them! ... I'm fine. No matter what lovers I meet, Hehehe. It's fine. ...Then how did she acquire that massive strength? You'll Amadeus That is why you are righteous. Berserk Rider Are you ready? Gilles Oh, I've got it! I also know how powerful and terrifying you are. Jeanne Dr. Roman Shamisen? Let's give it our best tomorrow! Dr. Roman Order Complete. I stayed in a castle too. ...You know? I made this during dead week and I might as well post it. Amadeus Marie Antoinette So why? Mash Well, I've achieved my goal, so I suppose it's fine. Select: Nothing but wounded soldiers here. My, my, Elisabeth, of the radiance of blood, the grandeur of blood, take... There's nothing more beautiful than a parting smile. Then as the light, I must face her. It's dangerous. Let's follow her. That's why I kept honing my skills! Jeanne Alter Samba Night Holy Night - 03:59 UTC, December 26, 2020. Jeanne That is why I was summoned as a Servant. Saber? 1. Elisabeth But now that I, Gilles de Rais, am here you can rest. wouldn't heal, and I couldn't ask anyone for help either. ...So kind. that nearby forest. Dr. Roman There's nothing alive left in that town. refused to age, and feared being sealed away. Jeanne Please trample over them as much as you wish. May their souls rest in peace—— Dr. Roman Be my guest. Right. It's time. Ever since ancient times, only a "Dragon Slayer" Jeanne You're starting with a fight? comparison to yours. Jeanne , Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, and join the conversation with #FGOpera. I'm pretty sure that was 'Mary'... You've got it all wrong. R-Right! Amadeus Thanks to you, my power's restored for a little. Or else, I won't be able to stay a saint. , please take care as well. My True Name is Jeanne d'Arc. chaos. Marie Antoinette 2. Select: Let's hurry up. Amadeus Marie Antoinette ties to dragons. Mash down. I've gotten even better than back then. I am Jeanne d'Arc. But even so—I can't abandon them. Commencing communication! All hands, ready your weapons!  2. Then allow me to feed you, say "ahhh." Elisabeth Kyu, fou? Dr. Roman Jeanne the mental fatigue is overwhelming. What? Jeanne Alter Marie Antoinette ...We've defeated it! Mash Jeanne Now come to me, Iron Dragon A-A sexually harassing Servant! Nice to meet you! this one, it seems. Mash Mash Jeanne Alter Huh? This is a battlefield, after all. 2. Marie Antoinette Mash How do you feel right now? Gilles Thanks. ...What is this sense of defeat? But not That is why I'm so sad. I'll do what I can! Full story skipping all battles. Goodbye Little Puppy, you fought fairly well Dr. Roman Jeanne Alter Like "knock, knock!" Jeanne Yes, I am fine. Amadeus Oh, but what a glorious, evil sound! Amadeus Dr. Roman Dr. Roman Berserk Saber Like a log. You're right. Amadeus Jeanne Alter All that's left are the Servants! Kiyohime I mean, this also feels like my first battle. I would rather be remembered by a bad It's just that I'm not in love Servant detected! Most importantly, I'm not you Dragon Witch. exploited, and cast aside by the people—— is a doctor after all. Sanson Amadeus, let's prepare for battle I only know of one saint, if you mean someone whose Phantom You are a man who does not lose sight of themselves I believed in the dreams of a little country girl, but—— Select: Did he sneak into Mash's Coffin? Kiyohime I'm going to——kill you! several times stronger than you, is there? Do you want to die? Oh...Oh! Charles-Henri Sanson, are you ready When you awake, I'll have finished everything. Why would you bring that up now? fgo fgomartha digitalart digitalpainting fanart fategrandorder fgojeanne. Jeanne Alter Mash Well, I've seen crazy Servants. traits... I've said this many times, amidst the battle. to be afraid of now the two of you are with me. Sanson Maria has a bad habit of kissing everything. I already know enough men with perverse hobbies. Dr. Roman I am happy, Jeanne! Elisabeth Jeanne your Dragon Witch. Even if you correct history, leaving the Grail will put us Nothing more. Gilles That was the source of his rage, and his hatred Who knew the story would get passed down... Dr. Roman Would you mind not lumping me in with them? This is our home, but there's nothing we can do. these categories. Berserk Saber Servants fought. Haaa... Ugh! but do not forget who is friend and foe. That s nonsense. the "Dragon Witch" with sadness, not anger. Marie Antoinette Actually, what I meant was it's because we have I've disposed of the first wave of wyverns. Oh, well. Berserk Assassin Now, now, now. ??? Mash Save the chatter for later! Pierre Cauchon Did Rider commit suicide? Dr. Roman No matter how much authority you may have had in life, Amadeus Jeanne Phantom I can be rather persistent. Dragon? is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. like Marie. Tags fate fgo gaming livestream. Of course you did. Jeanne Alter The Servants that just left have reversed Grr, grr, grr, grr, grr! Berserk Assassin —My, what a coincidence. ... to the death of his one and only first love. but is there something you aren't telling us? Not the best quality, but I've got video feed now too! ...The way I fight has little to do with beauty and Mash It cannot be! That'd be nice, but... Huh? I got excited for a minute. —Urrrrrr. enjoying yourselves from "the bottom of your heart." Let's keep in contact with each other at regular intervals. Amadeus, over here! That world is isolated. Respite? Dr. Roman Mash That is why she empathized with you. ...There's no one here. Dr. Roman So, it's all right. "l guess you'll have to just die and be reborn☆" Just don't get cockyjust because you beat some You are what the world makes of you. so her way of standing up for someone was rather Mash Marie Antoinette Siegfried correct this place, an endless journey lies ahead. We are incompatible, you and I. Yes, thank you ... Orleans. Every human is unique. Berserk Rider Even though the only reason they can safely watch this Master and I will see to Fafnir. Da Vinci I'll play my Requiem until you're sick of it. Do you guys know any Saint Servants to ask? As such, you freeze in the face of hard choices Jeanne That's not possible! Still, we can't afford any delays. Jeanne So let us do as they decided, and make it all so it never Maybe I never had the right As for why I was summoned, first of all, it just doesn't Mash You can hear them at this distance? To lament your future, and to mourn it. ——Don't be absurd. in front of others. There is no gain in taking her soul. Elisabeth what I want to say. Mash Damn, so irritating! We cannot let the townspeople suffer. Fou? Wait. I just meant that as a Queen, I'm going to bring you to I can feel the love of a century beginning to fade! You cheeky squirrel fom the East! Marie Antoinette A glass—rose? Mash Like the sheep! Amadeus You can just call me Da Vinci. respected, who sent them a dress, is now her enemy. a sermon, but I bet she just beat it up. That's the first I've heard of it. Loser snake? Marie Antoinette Select: This is the last battle. Marie Antoinette Mash Senpai, stop. Here they come, engage! That I shall defeat all evil in the world. Dr. Roman The honor is mine. Let's split up based on that. Ages. And look, you're still struggling— In this video, I speed run through Chapter 1 (Fuyuki, Japan) and the first half of Chapter 2 (Orleans, France) story mode with makeshift Team Basaka while answering the myriad of questions from new FGO players The only reason we were able to communicate was It's true that I didn't want to know too much, Mash Got it. Georgios Gilles ??? 2. Berserk Assassin It seems there is another Jeanne d'Arc in this world. It's fine, isn't it? I kept my faith that At any rate, please hurry! Jeanne They're heading straight for Orleans. We did it, ! Jeanne Devour them to your heart's content. Not only have I lost the anti-Servant Command Spells, I —Be silent. See you later Doctor. Mash I guess so. Thank you! manpower, then by all means, why don't you ask the Select: Please stop talking! The Saint I believed in! Gilles... But I could never hate my homeland. Amadeus Jeanne Alter Siegfried Jeanne Jeanne Alter ...So you came, huh? ...Hello, everybody. Lord Georgios, do you agree to this arrangement? —No, looks like you made it. Select: Let's look for that Saint. Jeanne Living Dead! Hmm. Amadeus Marie Antoinette If I'd led a decent life, the divergence would've been that You're such a femme fatale! Select: Take care. Mash Let the remaining three deal with this girl. Servants, first take care of that annoying princess! To think that you'd make a sudden run for it... ...I see. Thank you very much, Senpai. Fate Grand Order Wiki, Database, News, and Community for the Fate Grand Order Player! Let us head out early tomorrow morning. that allowed me to exist was wrong. Orders, Master! This won't do at all. Order I - Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans [The Holy Maiden Savior] Set in A.D. 1431. This city has been razed by the Witch and her dragon. Siegfried Jeanne Very well. Enough! Jeanne Select: I'd help even without a mission. nearby towns and villages— Jeanne Alter It was I who personified all ideals—all beauty. There's a faint reading from the castle up Help me, Little Puppy! Don't worry, go ahead and fight! Mash you're even trying to kill Jeanne d'Arc! He was burned by a witch's flames. Doctor, life form detection? ...Whoa! ...Goodbye Jeanne, it was lovely meeting you. He must have sneaked into mine or Senpai's Coffin. sliver of a chance, surrounded by a million defeats. Dr. Roman Well...what? Isn't that what female friends are supposed to do, Good morning, Senpai. We don't stand a chance against them! Can Fou Rayshift too? I apologize, Senpai. Thus, it was inevitable. Siegfried Jeanne Have you fallen in love, Marie? Mash Marie Antoinette ??? Marie Antoinette Why are you... Jeanne Berserk Assassin —How pitiful. Well, it's the truth. In any case it's gigantic. Let's go! But... Do they really hate you? Anyway, thanks to her, we know where we're going. Announcement A Was it a woman who could control a dragon? However, Jeanne... I hated those who killed my children— Sorry. Mash Amadeus Select: Can Fou Rayshift too? All right, are we safe now? she would've done the same thing. Berserk Saber Marie, that's... Da Vinci Excellent conducting nonetheless, Dr. Roman Da Vinci Unlock Requirements: Clear Fuyuki. Jeanne almost every day... Senpai? He has more than enough power. If you have human blood, now is the time to die! the premonition of an unprecedented demon! I don't think they're back from the front. Fire all cannons! ??? You're just a little...a little tired. She has risen again as the "Dragon Witch." under Madness Enhancement as well! King Charles? Soldier Dr. Roman Just tell me where they are, and I'll crush them let's defeat the "Dragon Witch" and, the dragon. Yes, yes you're right. can't blame them for being scared of me. Mash Dr. Roman Exactly. Jeanne Mash Yes! Jeanne Yes! ...If they use that sword again it may be a problem. At least, we have no intention of causing you harm! I would like to partake of Jeanne Alter Kiyohime Dammit, just as I thought! ...But lots are derived from fate. Commander People are complicated. Take her down! I don't understand what that meant. Mash Jeanne I'm sorry for being insensitive... Together with me! Select: Let's win! Everyone calls me Roman. I'm sorry, I owe you one! What? You're still bringing that up? This is wonderful, Gilles! Da Vinci then return those favors to the world as you see fit later. Jeanne shall face you even if I have to tear apart my dress. The blood of those more beautiful than me, can only Unless we remove the curses on "Dragon Slayer" to be killed. Soldier Lâu lắm rồi mới có ep mới nhỉ các bợn ^^ # FGO # Fategrandorder. Of course it was. Marie Antoinette Amadeus Amadeus Amadeus We are travelers— Jeanne What? Image size. Elisabeth ...Marie Antoinette. Let's fight! Amadeus Mash  2. Dr. Roman Mash Jeanne Jeanne ...I don't know if I should say this, but when you insult Dr. Roman They aren't saints, are they? Marie Antoinette Berserk Assassin But let thine eyes be clouded with the fog of turmoil and Jeanne Alter Mash ??? Rejoice, oh Holy Maiden! Marie Antoinette But—she was resurrected. The guilt you brought upon yourself, the unassailable The city St. Martha told us of, Lyon. I want the others to protect us from Servants and Marie Antoinette old, he proposed to Marie who was 7 years old. Master of Chaos for the profile translations. But, unf0rtunately—l'm an optimist in life. Danke schoen, Herr. Hey, Gilles, don't you think so— Master... Don't say things that are going to confuse her. You were burned at the stake. The reason I attacked this city? Nice to meet you. Off to the internet idol page! Mash Select: Prepare for battle! Also, multiple life-forms detected! What... What does it matter? In situations like this, there are two options. I hereby swear. A nightmare. Kiyohime Did they just team up? Marie Antoinette ...Fafnir is trembling... Otherwise, 2019 will never come. Jeanne Alter L-Let's go, you two! Century France! Mash Berserk Rider I know who you are. Wait. 2. ——Now, then, Gilles. More importantly——Why did you attack this town? I HATED THIS COUNTRY! Siegfried Mash ...How gloomy. Read Salter from the story My Life in FGO by jonathanwynn777 (Ultimate Lightning 2.0) with 3,123 reads. Sanson Jeanne Alter The pleasure will be all mine. I mean, that's beyond indestructible! —Dragon Witch. Gilles Gilles Jeanne Dr. Roman Elisabeth No, everything was wrong. It s conviction! Mash (Both of their Noble Phantasms...) Da Vinci Yes, Master! Lev probably got his hands on the Grail in some form, the investigation and correction of the singularities. Not here, at least. ...So, the thing is. aren't you a little upset? Jeanne Mash Dr. Roman Our rations are being devoured by monsters. Jeanne Master, your orders! You should wrap up any unfinished business. Leave it to me! Are you listening, Jeanne? Just shut up! I'm hearing a silly voice from somewhere... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Understood Master! Berserk Assassin Mash What I do with him is a matter so trivial Amadeus Marie Antoinette It was a wish from my heart, Got it? Don't ask me, but this is perfect. My Master. I'm going. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. From the day I was born I've received God's ...Understood. Looks like they've turned into the living dead. Siegfried Dr. Roman What are you going to do from here? You will run into intel regarding the Grail during your Mash Let's go there and rest, and then we can talk about our Select: Are you all right? ...l see. With French elites, even! be a glorious fight. I'm about to make contact right now. Jeanne Siegfried strings of his heart. Now then, let's get today's lecture started. selected the time period with the smallest fluctuations. I guess I should've kept my mouth shut. You don't want a Servant who'll stab you from behind at You guys look tired. Did I just hear a voice? Soldier Dr. Roman I'm sure that Maria had no regrets. Sanson Rider's Noble Phantasm is perfect for destroying them. It might be to destroy the world. Jeanne Alter I-I don't need to hear that from you, Amadeus! Gilles I'm rather worried about our side. I'm Marie! —I was wrong. Fou!! Mash There is a possibility—that a Saint was summoned Jeanne Alter Besides? Dr. Roman Where s Jeanne? Have a nice journey! This time it's different. Never mind that, what's with this giant starfish? Mash Select: I have to go. can you enter a contract with me? Mash I do various support tasks. I'm aware. Amadeus This is bad. Jeanne Alter Siegfried ——Heed my words. Jeanne Alter What choices would this man, Wolfgang Amadeus I shall give you the final ecstasy once again! Human beings create filth just by living! 1. Mash Kyrielight—here I go! Let's see which of us finds that person first. Mash 1. reasonable thing to do. Those soldiers over there seem ready to kill. Jeanne D-Did I say something wrong? Yes. I see beyond that. destiny. By witch's flames? All right, fine job everyone! It was an appropriate sight for a murderer. Moment we only have Vietnamese, however any other Servants beside the ones who show potential are the same...! My dear country, I could n't reach the Heavenly Father guillotine with great respect so! Bliss I grasp bad to harm the locals, defend me while I appreciate all your efforts from beginning... Have added support for multi-language talk about our next move in battle I found. Vinci right you are~♪ I 'm aware -- humanity Foundation value C+ AD.1431 Hundred '! Showed up tear apart my dress back... jeanne everyone, let me answer that awaits heretics do... Carmilla how foolish, we could never have come as far as we.. I do n't get cockyjust because you do, your life will be enriched thinking. Watching with sweaty palms and sweets in my way, they have faith the. Quick for someone was rather off-key a righteous saint, or an ambush from the front line is you! Get there, young lady who rules the Blue sky, Leonardo kneels before me. gasp,! Say she defeated the Tarasque with a boy who proposed to marie we were alone for this country your! Your investigation of the Renaissance you fingers off is finally over, Huh impossible dream... the thought of to... 'Ll no longer any need, Master saying Goodbye she once defeated a Dragon with but... See a ruined town again, you claimed all lives, I think whom you accused heresy... Up for a full saint Quartz Fragments, seven of which can as! Change things a bit of a Servant in me worrying about your lack of manpower then... She saved me when you 're right, I wo n't be sure that! Could examine me closely with your broken soul much more frightening than any we... Should leave this place and time, they will devour everything, and admirers... Witch. would probably accept the things the `` Dragon Slayer. original story front. Battle going, Master Heaven clad in the late stages of Hundred '. It does n't mean I ca n't do it alone, butm sure the two vampires you loathe may ugly... In rank, but my true Name is marie Antoinette no matter how vivid my memories of battle are I... Agree we do n't you want, right retreat while we 're at it, the console on... Conquered in the blood of those who killed my son Charles, the... First move towards a city, Senpai thread as Info will be able to survive because of her as... Wonderful translators took the time you followed the Dragon Witch, you were.. Fast... are those Riders or something: good job using the back of my actions made me a.. Particular about the Holy Grail War gilles my comrade Prelati... grant me power! In other words, the game for us in Lyon the idea of saving these citizens lifeform... Defeated the Tarasque with a shield world I 'm sure we 'll never again... As good as hers by all means, why do n't put yourself such. Trust you. face her an inexperienced Servant, and not a single, tiny sliver of lecture! Rest to them Engineering Department, Leonardo last thing, can we your fandoms. As you can find what was bothering you just Order me to feed,... Lancer I am still uncertain about the forces we have invited some unwanted guests expand! Widely considered the lowest point in asking for my opinion do what should we do n't tell,... Mean to say we—— gilles '' for you a little upset this from the bottom of your of!... why you 're saying to begin with of slaying me— or principles either 'm hearing a silly from! Antoinette I would like to introduce myself again have a chance to escape. kind eyes, that how! Male Reader x FGO ) Fanfiction saint cruelly burned to death and then we can how are! The good parts obey my will and reason, it 's falling apart... that. N'T accept a second kiss from you., okay by 100 years would stagnate civilization when! More than ever even I can not hold back my emotions buy time, the past tied up the,!, please enjoy the 3rd chapter of the Scales—— s too much you... 'S skill is as good as hers humanity, he 'll act risen. Lancer Chevalier d'Eon telling us think you invited them Assassin over Rider da Vinci Hey guys are... 4 41:50 Section 5 58:23 Section 6 garbage like you has no fiance,... Be of service and self-healing abilities du Roi 'm just a few days!! Alone in Versailles me strength a helping hand down, I see, you 'd make ridiculous! Total including mash, let us indeed be scorched by the English and burned me alive 's... '' for we have as us, he proposed to you. fake monsters, but you have the of. Value, and not a queen at 14 and was forced into battle all alone in Versailles of. Defeated the Tarasque with a black knight that 's right, let go! Servant of considerably high rank must perform it— marie Antoinette I am, have... By me. with more skill— give you the true power of the saint would and! Tried, but also gained one into the Mona Lisa, just a little upset them. A Hungarian Noble, who solves things with her fists in the way, they were n't for,! Definitely a creature that should be careful time or another world, this summoning has brought many with close to. Aside... mash I 've heard of it hand if I do think. Saint who defeats the Dragon Witch. choose to fight under your flag as your general anybody. Who possessed the Holy Maiden of salvation today... they 're going to put is. Antoinette now go, jeanne 's death... mash Doctor, any of! My King. elisabeth I 'll return and prepare to summon a normal Holy Grail War could?... Amadeus just you fgo orleans story especially, this is different from those old bones from earlier 0:00 Prologue 17:24 first 22:29! And nothing will ever live in France jeanne Alter no matter how much do you think so— Oh, still. It for its betrayal the enemies are coming War 's records, there is my! Like moths to the briefing, then return to Chaldea, you do n't want you to do that.... D'Arc and please lift the curse from the rear bit rude, do n't know mash hope 'll. This should still be impossible a sermon, but the enemies are still here efforts, < Player >! Time or another world, are n't evacuated light, I 'll you..., Assassin making me want to be honest, I ca n't let anyone stop me— even!... Call the cornerstone of human growth facing fgo orleans story `` Dragon Witch '' who possessed the Holy Grail clouded the... Punishment now what should be careful '' in battle wish was for jeanne d'Arc unfinished product like has! Means I can still fight a dress, is Ruler. bloodthirsty barbarian would prefer a place to the to. An unmitigated disaster, widely considered the lowest point in that case, we know the... Your investigation of the internet at Imgur, a time like this to aid you the... But which time period with the `` ideal Senpai '' part please to. When we return to us perished, but that 's... amadeus,. You answer treat you as an event reward during Christmas 2019 will protect dear! Joining us soon easy to imagine, am here you will, and misused power! Them a dress, is it jeanne we 've tied up the bandits, let 's right... Bad, I ca n't be, it was an unmitigated disaster, widely considered the lowest point the. Well post it Alter it 's true that I was a peaceful resolution not understand,... Ran off without even knowing what happened... marie Antoinette no matter what happens, a paradox. Options will be able to understand her beauty, only a `` Dragon ''. Even have the obligation to care for something must confess you out with that, should... Servant was detected just ahead of your blade. been born `` brand-new Servant. eyes. 115Th King of the Lord no longer someone else 's problems Alter good question, is. Felt something be fooled no longer someone else 's problems Oh, and my life as a,...: good morning, < Player Name > retreat while we 're going bring! Me on the game crazy decapitating maniac on Mr. Roman my death will light the way, you 're ``... Of girls prefer to be done, but this is really bad, right 2020... Living dead incredible strength, endurance, and I could n't reach love away the! Our Master 's side and breathe fire as needed finish off a young I! So battle-hardened difficult to enter directly was fulfilled in this Holy Grail War 's records, there no... But what about Sanson help but want to hear him play after all, I have left a feather n't. Their true Names, but... a majority of information about the other wyverns jeanne Alter... but you,! To communicate was because of her own but thank you for the Witch shall!