The Tusk Terrabite tire competes with some great desert tires, and it is reasonably priced. Best Bargain Tire - Tusk Kevlar Terrabite. Kevlar is used in tires in one of two ways: as a replacement for the steel coils that form the tire's edges (known as beads), or as sub-tread, which is a protective layer that rests between the external rubber and the internal fabric casing that forms the tire's structure. $597.99. Tusk is a product line well known for being a value to the purchaser. Update and review of the Tusk Terrabite Tires on my 2018 Can Am Maverick Trail after 1500 miles The numbers 32-10-14 represent the dimensions of the tire. Tusk Terrabite Tires are the ultimate all-terrain tires for today's larger Side-by-Sides and ATVs! 2018 General 4 1000 ... Hunterworks Secondary Rollers * Tusk Wasatch Beadlocks with 30x10-14 Tusk Terrabites or STI HD5's with 30x10-14 ITP Blackwaters (for sale) 7x16 Sure-Trac Tandem Tube Top * Secured using Ericson Tire Bonnets. Tusk Terrabite Tire Details Special Notes: Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering. Tusk Terrabite tires feature Radial 8 ply rated construction for superior puncture resistance, and improved on and off road performance. Free shipping Special Notes: Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering. 8ply - Tusk Terrabite® Radial Tire 10ply - Tusk Aramid Terrabite® 10 Ply Tire . The Tusk Terrabite tire is the ultimate all-terrain tire for your UTV or ATV. Any more air in rear gets a little lite on the rear end. Not much riding yet will reply heading to WV next month. The first number is the height, the second number is the width & the third number is the diameter of rim that it will fit on. Got some new tires, so I figured I'd post the weights and height of them. Sizes for the Kevlar version are 27×9-12, 27x-11-14, … Canine KEVLAR: Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is about five times stronger than steel. MSA M30 Throttle 30" Tusk Terrabite 15psi front 16psi rear. Tusk Terrabite Radial ATV UTV Tire Kit 30 x 10 14 Set Of Four 4 Tires 30x10-14 . This "truck style" tire offers smooth riding on … The ATV tires within this category are all available in the selected size; 32x10-14. The 30x10-14 mounted on 14x7 beadlocks measured 30.125" tall with 30 psi and no weight on the tire. Tusk Terrabite® Radial Tire$109.88 – $169.88$134.30 – $204.30 You save up to 17% GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial Tire$112.88 – $171.88$155.23 – $259.67 You save up to 34% Tusk Aramid Terrabite® 10 Ply Tire$135.88 – $194.88$154.99 – $229.99 You save up … The width of the rim is not as important to know.