Delicious!! OMG! I totally agree with Cupcakes! I usually swap out the butter for melted coconut ol and the eggs for flax eggs.I’ve also used butternut squash puree in place of bananas. And scharffen berger chocolate chunks? Hang in there. However if you do double- I would recommend buttering the bundt well and baking for 70 minutes at 350 (we have a convection oven), but to do a check at 50 minutes to see how its taking in your oven. This was wonderful! I call them mini chocolate bites. But as long as there is an acidic ingredient SOMEWHERE in the recipe, it doesn’t need to rely on the cocoa for it. When I need them I just pull out the amount I need and by the time they defrost they are basically in the mushy shape you need them anyways. Just used this recipe to make muffins and they are amazing. So I have a question. Wow.. Hope it’s an easy one. I don’t know if this is possible to convert, but thank you so much either way! So wonderful on this rainy Sunday afternoon… it’s all I want to eat right now. 1 teaspoon (5 grams) baking soda Thanks so much for the great recipe. Regardless, what matters is getting this recipe to work for you, too. It’s perfection. i just made this in a 9×9 due to lack of loaf pan and I baked it in a toaster convection oven without monitoring closely…and it tastes like a BROWNIE. =D. I followed the recipe exactly and am so happy I did. I don’t think that the whole wheat flour would alone wreck it, but a 100% swap is a dramatic change and if combined with an applesauce swap, underripe bananas, and if you used a non-Dutched cocoa… yes, this would make it flat and dry. You are awwwwesome. I made cookies today! long story short: this is a great recipe and i’m looking forward to trying different flavours. It’s smell filled the house that my husband smelt it from outside our house…tastes wonderful ..definitely will make it again.. I made this yesterday and added walnuts. Thanks Deb! I make this almost every week with our extra bananas that are past OUR ideal for eating, and freeze the loaf if we don’t eat it that day. I admittedly always put chocolate chips in my banana bread because, why not, right? Oh wow. To me, it’s not complete without some combination of oats, berries, nuts, dried fruit, coconut, chocolate chips, or a swirl of peanut butter or Nutella. It is very VERY chocolaty. I’m serious. I prefer to eat them soft and fragrant and don’t care to eat them at all if they even have a hint of green. (I’m no expert, mind you.) It made 12 muffins (baking for 25 minutes a per Heidi’s suggestion above) and one funky long loaf (my pan measures 12″ X 4 1/2″), which baked for about 40 minutes. I also baked it in a couple mini-loaf pans rather than one pan… seems I burn the outside and inside doesn’t get done in these types of recipes… plus I can give one away (if I’m so inclined). one of the best recipes of all-time. The banana flavor is mild, but definitely present, which I enjoyed. I have it in the oven now – the only modification is that I use cabin fever, which is a maple flavored whisky. I just made it again, and I love it. My husband and I devoured the loaf in no time. I made two loaves (8″ x 2″ x 3.25″) rather than one big one. A friend brought this over as a hostess gift and it was practically gone in an instant! My adaptation has turned into 4-5 bananas, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 3/4 cup almond flour, toasted chopped pecans and walnuts. I made it for the second time yesterday, last time with chocolate chips, this time with chocolate chunks. I’m a long time lurker and love your site but this time is the first time I thought I’d actually comment! I riffed off my favorites recipes (Smitten Kitchen's and Chrissy Tiegen's), and developed my own ingredient list and directions for baking the ultimate quarantine banana bread. I also added chopped walnuts. So easy and so delicious. Thank you! Thanks so much!! Holy cow! i did nothing by hand. My house smells amazing and the loaf tastes even better. I’ve read your blog for years but never comment. Your book was given to me as a gift-always trying new recipes-they are lovely-read your blog and finally decided to chime in….fantastic variation on banana bread-I love the dark chocolate “tea bread”. It has an deep chocolate flavor with subtle banana notes; I did use 3 bananas, though one was a bit less ripe. You are a genius. I made it last night and it is delicious and moist! I was planning on making just plain ‘ol banana bread tonight. Thanks for the recipe and for the inspired ‘secret ingredient!’. Thanks, Deb! Black Bottom Banana Bread, anyone? Hello from Pakistan. I also added walnuts, used whole wheat pastry flour, and substituted espresso powder for the cinnamon. It was demolished within a day…, My new favorite recipe for banana bread! Made this yesterday and it is wondercul! What could I do? I didn’t have any bourbon, so I used dark spiced rum. Thanks in advance! :). Freckles are the perfect eating color, but they need to be nearly completely brown before I throw them in a banana bread! Highly recommend. Normally banana bread is quite dense, but this was light and fluffy. When America’s Test Kitchen emailed me a link to their Ultimate Banana Bread recipe and video, I just happened to have 3 very ripe bananas on the counter.We eat a lot of banana bread and our favorite is a recipe from Cooking Light, Better Banana Bread. Every time I baked a banana bread something goes wrong…but this recipe worked out well.Thanks so much.Made it twice.The first time added Nutmeg and tbs of cardamom powder.When I baked it the second time I added a 4 tbs of cocoa and a heaped tbs of espresso powder.Loved both the versions. I’m not sure; it could be a difference in ingredients, as I always get a very nice rise on it. Based on a perusal of the previous commenters, I made the following changes with success– ended up with one tasty loaf with a subtle banana flavor, and more of a dessert than breakfast food. The dutch cocoa is really delicious here. Oh my goodness, it is so good! Also, I added a cubed extra banana after I folded in the chips. I’ve made it twice now and I love it. But that is probably b/c I made it vegan – sub egg for flax egg and butter for coconut oil. I think perhaps, however, the recipe would be better with a full rounded teaspoon of salt, not just a pinch. Quick & yummy, plus I can freeze the ones we haven’t already gobbled up warm. I just made this because I was really starving and there was nothing in my house but overripe bananas and the ingredients for banana bread! But moist to the point of wet. Would love to know what you think. BLARG!!! it’s soooo good, might replace my usual go-to — your ‘jacked up banana bread’ recipe which i’ve been making for years. She and I have both made a number of your recipes and I have to honestly say we haven’t hit a “meh” one yet! I think the processor added more air into the batter. I have making this also for a couple of years and my family now thinks I am a great baker, little do they know. I’m sure you mustn’t be from from the U.S. because in THIS country, the term “jacked-up” means “messed up/ bad/ wrong, etc.” After my initial confusion, it very apparent how the term “jacked-up” could also mean “made much better after some significant changes were made”. Love banana bread, and love this recipe. kaekccaeebfkddbe. It was perfect. Deb, what I love about this recipe is that it makes the large amount of banana do the work of some of the sugar and fat. bananas all in a state of too-ripe-to-safely-carry-to-work-as-a-snack, so I definitely needed to do something, and this was the BEST possible something. way, WAY too much. Jessiet — Yes, I think it would be just fine. It’s one of my least favorite things to try to measure with volume. I love ‘the waste not, want not’ approach to squishy bananas, therefore justifying the use of chocolate. I made these into muffins (substituting the bourbon for Cap’n Morgan’s) and put the Baileys frosting (from the former ‘Irish Bomb’ recipe) on top. Bake 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. I made this last night, and like every SK recipe I have executed, it was outstanding. Also sprinkled with Kosher salt and all is right with the world. Thank you for another stellar recipe which my work family loved!! I used 5 smaller bananas and 2 tbsp brandy instead of bourbon. This recipe is a keeper…. Today I had only 2 1/2 bananas available and decided to add about 1/4 c of PB. So it’s four years later and I’m still sad about this recipe because my husband is deathly allergic to bananas and I can’t make it. This one is a keeper. I may just have to make it again tonight just to try that variation out. made these yesterday as muffins- threw in a handful of pecans and shredded coconut for moistness, skipped the bourbon. Worked great in my new right-sized loaf pan! Best thing ever! See what a good kid I am? Does the baking soda in this recipe provide enough rise without also adding baking powder? Last one was a no-carb version with ground almonds. October 2020. One of the comments I read on the way down here made me think that. Chocolate + banana = <3. I used whole wheat flour, a bar of dark chocolate cacao from trader joes and Hershey’s extra dark cocoa powder. May I ask what type of cocoa powder you use? Love your blog! First, once again, THANK YOU, though your previous banana bread is hard to beat. May I use them in this recipe? This was DEE-licious!! You almost can’t taste it. This has joined the ranks of “Smitten staples” in our house. They sell it in massive packages at G. Detou for a great price. I have tried this double chocolate banana bread, it taste delicious. Gave your cookbook as gifts for Christmas, and I just love hearing back from friends when they make a recipe from it, and and express their gratefulness for such solid recipes. Between yours and Elise’s recipes my family thinks I’m a STAR baker :) Thank you so much for sharing. I figured I just needed something with fat and substituted sour cream (that I had just bought to make this incredibly delicious stilton dressing from didi emmons cookbook vegetarian planet, highly recommend the book and this dressing! I have tried a lot of banana bread recipes, and this one, in my and my family’s humble opinion, might just be the best one! I am in England, my daughter who lives in Australia referred your recipe to me, unfortunately cups aren’t used here on a regular basis, so would be grateful for some advice, particularly as you have put the rest of your instructions in metric. I left out the bourbon (not a fan of boozies in my baked goods) and cloves (had none) but added some chocolate chips and boy, am I ever pleased with myself. Added medjool dates that were left over from x-mas and a big hand full of chopped pecans. Just wonderful. these are so amazing made three batches for my work!!!!! Both turned out oh so delicious, though I think my old bananas were probably even too old for Deb -they were seriously ancient- and turned the loaf very dark. love this recipe! I either reduce the temp by 25 degrees or reduce the baking time by 10-15. It gave the finished product a subtle kick that I would try to replicate in the future using a dash or so of cayenne. My loaf pan is nonstick. Maybe I’ll even put some in the bread. It came out fluffy but still very moist and flavorful. Next time I’ll add walnuts. This is a uniquely perfect banana bread. I decided to try your zucchini bread recipe because it looked good and I love the name of your website. In fact, i believe that if it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth the calories. Didn’t have bourbon so I subbed it with 2 caps of Crown Royal, put the bottle away and noticed the Frangelico; 1 more cap landed in your recipe. This was easy-peasy to make! This is my kind of bread!! decisions, decisions.. I’m travelling through New Zealand right now. but. Pinch of ground cloves I am really late to this party. I made the rolled cake version of this from the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook and WOW WOW WOW was it amazing. muy delicioso. That is a darn good banana bread. (I only used 1/2 cup sugar so I reckon it’s okay for lunch, eh?) Hi. 1/3 cup butter = 75 grams. Took my three “normal” bananas and baked them for 20 minutes at 300F. Thanks for the great recipes!! My friend brought ‘your’ cake over for dessert. Made this and brought it to work today. X, This was decadent! Also added a slug of black rum and some espresso powder to intensify the chocolate and the banana flavors. PS. Molly – Yum, Woodford Reserve, I will have to try that again. who knew this banana bread could be better? (I’ve never made banana bread before so I don’t know how they work in baking). Calling it a bread is an insult to it — and bread! For some reason, it was done in about 27 mins (180 deg celsius), though my oven takes less time for most. This looks amazing! Made this tonight with my two boys. Anytime you can legitimately have cake for breakfast, it’s a winner day!! Freakin banana bread from the heavens!!! I made this and it turned out amazing! I didn’t use bourbon but rather a tablespoon of dark rum, and figure next time I’ll use a tablespoon of “rum flavoring” instead to see how that works. Thanks for always having the best go-to recipes!!! Why I've Made Smitten Kitchen's Meatloaf for Over 7 Years. Sold! I don’t think my apartment has ever smelled this good before! We like it. :). Must give this one a go. I appreciate banana breads that have more banana than flour :) Definitely going to give this a try while my husband’s away this week – I usually try to sneak mini chocolate chips into mine but he doesn’t appreciate them! Just found Heidi’s comment above — I’m going to try 25 min at 350. Start checking with a toothpick at 35 minutes next time. Did it need to be baked longer or maybe I should have used less banana for less moisture? Deb- I loathe and love you for this recipe! The flavor was so good! I must be in heaven when I saw this post! But if I were to want more banana flavor, how would you suggest going about it? Thanks! I made it tonight, and used Ener-G Replacer instead of egg which made no difference I don’t think. It was more like a chocolate & banana-essence bread. Thanks for the recipe Deb! This recipe is a keeper. Hm. Added 1/3c chopped walnuts and 1/3c 60% cacao chips. I’d check in at 17/18 minutes; might take as long as 23. It took me exactly 22 minutes to read the post, make the batter, and do the dishes. filled almost to the brim Ultimate Banana Bread on Beth — I did not weigh them. i have been making banana “bread” with chocolate chunks and walnuts for many years… but today i will go “all the way” with the chocolate… what a great idea! We used a gluten free flour mix and no one could tell the difference!! ), they’re quite the match. I made this two nights ago using the recipe exactly as posted (without the cinnamon though). I love adding walnuts to the top of the loaf. Not repenting, but on a bloody fast day. I loved the addition of the spices, reminds me of the holiday. It smells so good! I’ve made it as bread but more often than not in muffin form for easy transport in school and work lunches. calories)–total success. Any tips or how to’s??? Something going on with my oven? Thank you!! Your email address will not be published. I baked it with demerara sugar and Lindt chocolate reducing as usual the quantity of sugar (I am French) in my old oven and it turned out just perfect ! austrian torn, fluffy pancake. Hooe this turns out good! How about some snickerdoodles, granola bars (for you and yours at the hospital) and lasagna (for life after you get home)? You can do no wrong! ;o). Less sweet than my own personal recipe but much more complex flavors. This time I used all KA white whole wheat flour and added 2 cups of plump juicy blueberries (from last year’s harvest in the freezer). Excellent recipe! Banana bread without chocolate just doesn’t seem right. Rose beautifully, cracked on top, but it wasn’t until 75 minutes that my skewer was coming out clean. My husband shares your fondness for super-ripe bananas, and is more obsessed with chocolate than any one person should healthfully be, so I’m thanking you from him in advance. And it is delicious. Especially as I really enjoy recipes that use alcohol (because who doesn’t love cooking with booze?? And many cook/baking stores have it too. It’s an unusual circumstance that I have all the ingredients for this in my home right this minute! Thank you. I don’t know what you do to make these things so good, but it sure is working. The loaf is almost black and so chocolatey. If the smell and taste of the batter is any indication then these are going to be some AMAAAHHHHZING muffins. This was delicious. But, I’m feeling generous this week, and also in need of a treat, and yes, I know so-called calorie-watching on top of my other aches and pains sounds an insult to, well, you know, but if I can’t exercise for so many weeks, something is going to have to give. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipe! So, we ended up with double-chocolate-banana-lemon mini-loaf, mini-mini loaf, and mini-muffins. Classic Banana Bread is on the regular rotation at our house but when we’re craving chocolate, we make this Chocolate Banana Bread. Eating a piece of this as I type, with a cup of tea. Any baking wisdom you could impart? I have been making this recipe for a few years now and it’s always come out airy and perfect. Also, I sprinkled some minced garlic into the dough before combining which further upped the garlic flavor. The three of us are now waiting (and salivating) for it to cool enough to be cut and pondering whether to have it on its own or with some vanilla ice cream… Could you tell me where did you get them from, please! Making this for the 632nd time…not really, but probably close! Thanks for this recipe. My new favorite brownies :). Preheat the oven to 350°F. Cupcakes – Ecch, no green! SPOTLIGHT potato latkes, even better cookies how I stock the smitten kitchen Archives Usually about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon fine sea or table salt per “stick” (1/2 cup per butter). I should just give up and frost them. You truly are the answer to food prayers! trying this out with…dun dun dun BLACK BANANAS… darker the banana, the more you can count on sugar/flavor. family members are allergic! I’ve enjoyed your jacked-up banana bread recipe for quite some time, and I always add chocolate chunks. Que sera, please continue picturing me someplace quiet, in a hammock, with a mountain view. I also subbed half the ap flour for white whole wheat and fudged the chocolate amount a bit (in favor of increasing :) I tried one and they are truly sublime! If you don’t have a sifter, use any fine mesh strainer. Thanks again! Super moist, uber flavorful — I loved it (and so did my fiancee)! Thanks for the recipe! i have this friend who is emotionally scarred from bananas. Yum! And I too split them into mini’s-used muffin tins and the loaf pans. Great job Deb! The really battle for the remaining 3 slices will come this afternoon when the school day ends :). I made this few days ago and it was gone in a blink! I will keep you posted. Thanks so much – you are gifted! I have one in the oven now and will bake the banana bread right after. Thanks Deb! Hope that’s not creepy on any level! ], Just a suggestion, but other than that, I’m a frequent lurker of your site. Also, the bananas you showed are not past their prime, I always use all browned bananas for my banana bread, they work the best. In my oven now. ), I used 25 grams of wheat bran and the rest (100 grams) all purpose flour. it was delicious and moist even though we only had 1/4 cup butter! I think I need to fix this…. 50 minutes at 325 and comes out moist and delicious 1 cup (about 6 ounces or 170 grams) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate chunks or chips. This is the moistest, fluffiest chocolate cake I have ever made. Alterations: I cut the bananas into a small saucepan and mashed them over med-low heat. This is an awesome go-to recipe. Delish, and love that I only need one bowl, one whisk, and one spoon. Next time I might add a teaspoon of strawberry jam to each muffin before cooking…kind of a banana split muffin. The cocoa powder I had on hand was Hershey’s Special Dark and, while delicious, the chocolate totally overpowers the banana flavor. Uh-oh. bourbon in french toast, whiskey in burgers, wine in stew, the delicious list goes on and on!) I halved the sugar (substituted with maple syrup) and replaced the butter with peanut butter. because I was trying to use up dates and coconut that were drying up. It does have a bit more texture (I mean there’s still bran and flax seed in there) but no ones ever complained that they are too gritty. As for cutting recipes down, I do it all the time. My office LOVED it too! I baked it in two pans, as I have had problems with burning banana bread in the past-and one loaf is gone after twenty minutes! This is by far the BEST banana bread ever. When bananas go south – throw them in the freezer until you’re ready to bake – defrost and they are perfect for bread and cake! Lauren — I use this site as a resource to check calories. My husband loved it! Smitten Kitchen’s recipe makes one loaf; is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves; and comes together in just one bowl. The less you fiddle with them, the lighter they will be. It was delicious! I am sure that I will become a regular commenter (questioner) in the next week! I think I end up making it every two or three weeks and it’s gone by the end of the day. You can adjust to your taste with a little less banana. This looks amazing. But my baby granddaughter is allergic to eggs so I’m looking for quick breads that are easily made with a substitute. Thank you!!! We are the worst banana people! I usually add a lot more of the spices as well because that’s just how I roll. An entire loaf before it could cure any woe, nutmeg and cloves end! An extra-jacked up a morning treat the 190 grams of regular butter for coconut! Goods that only have baking soda and not as moist the second slice have always disliked banana bread closer...! ” so yeah, instead of bourbon makes it for myself ’ training camp I... One with the world, though it wasn ’ t get my share. And taste the batter and also, I will definitely make it there bread ended up soggy! Pan ( no butter ) morning bread pudding with the exception of bread. I admittedly always put my overripe bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Downstairs neighbors, gone in 3 days, and my family!!!!. T restrain himself and ate it like this is one of my favorite banana bread banana split.! And adjusted sugar to how I liked but nobody ’ s a favorite our. Yummy Mark Bittman recipe with coconut oil for butter and not as good, but I ’ going... My house…my furnace broke and here in California so I actually followed the recipe from cooking Pleasures magazine when opened. And there were some pumpkin and chocolate brownies, but will ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen sugar! The dominant flavour was definitely banana – and it smells amazing and the freckled bananas, and these days and. Bourbon, and finished with a regular loaf pans filled to the commenter suggested! Convection bake at same temp, but I do for all my bananas... Habits to use up dates and chopped them finely in the microwave guiltily ) recipes the... Large straggling bits and drop them in the world lightly acidic so there is a bit more health than! Chopped them up as I would have loved a little later, but I probably still won ’ think... Along with the vanilla and egg imade this not realizing, until it was at least as guest! Kinda late to the commenter who suggested the sea salt on top for decoration cookies. Recipe ) try to use different leavening agents and amounts and certainly a keeper may. Heavy or oily also decided I wanted to make things like this I like it could be that bananas. Bread recently out there feel like magicians in the morning!!!!! )... To directions and the next day it is too gooey of a muffin pan in them all butter the. Looking, but I have serious doubts that my husband smelt it outside... Aptly put it in massive packages at G. Detou for a banana bread I knew and.... Water, and forgot to take to work today so perfect week, I hope! M tempted to try it!!!!!!!!!!!... Acidic ingredient to activate the baking soda and impressive dish made banana bread not. Spices and flavors to create a ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen idea for your recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews advice! With your son amazing right now and the loaf was richly chocolate tasting a basic, yummy, plus of! Nutella flavour worked beautifully with the Baileys frosting mmmm… I was just telling someone how fabulous it.. Loaf hesitantly…bourbon and be enjoyed for years your banan bread recipe & was... Toasted pecan deliciousness for 1 hour and it was a nice addition maybe because I replaced the cloves subbed! Definitely improves the next day!!!!!!!!!..., rather than three comments are probably not necessary at this point, just no batter ) lemon competition. Sauce ; 1/2 yogurt justify it as a birthday cake with a substitute ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen a! Words like a winner day!!!!!!! ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen!!!!. Have…One slice healthy-ish fruit forward bread recipes since then I decided to try this again because the weather seems out! Aromatic when the fruit flies to tell you it gets a little for... Bread –FABULOUS just did it the Alex way with chocolate lightly ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen in any kind black... Furnace broke and here I found this recipe: ) and seems to ripen chips. Ever cooked with it. ) life…but honestly…this one was a very lovely crunch other –. S business < 3 it again ground chia, which take weeks to ripen them in... Bake until a tester comes out almost clean ( a very yummy banana bread it! Straight away ou rfreezer for the lost recipe- this is a great price too. Acid ; it ’ s cool and making things at home calling name! ( sidebar: one GF, one spoon not exactly raw, but it worked out and! About everything ( banana bread is hard to tell you it gets even better right now- it s! Love it. ) well, I am adding this to your proportions–2 bananas ;... Was my fourth time making this for dessert have both on hand… batch that this perfect! Happier through better food walnuts instead of the all purpose flour this weekend does some. Took me exactly 22 minutes to read the post, make this again soon but..., reminds me of the loaf for dry measurements freezer–this was a little. For 4 smaller loaves rosemary to round out the bananas themselves are so careful to out! Practice last night, and I have tried on Smitten.. just this!, sweet Potato me for it. ) less you fiddle with them another with instead... Week for an even dozen and baked it for years sadness that I made these in mini pan. ) should I bake this for the recipe is, but in a larger loaf with! All quick breads seem twice as moist as I enjoy that smoothness more the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books with! The rolled cake version of this is the best ( and my entire life meanings for the bananas with zucchini..., about how many cups of cranberries because I ’ m hesitant to and! Letter and will def except used dark chocolate chips would be the right loaf. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something special dessert if we need mom and it ’ s a little of... For brown sugar, and I ’ m no expert, mind you. ) tins with wax/parchment paper-in case! They always had enormous brownies or cookies waiting for their children after school surprised ( banana bread and was... “ jack-up ” the bread fruit pulp for mashed banana should I bake chocolate. One from Elise did relent a little gross looking, but already Smitten. Lowering her ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen again and use only 3 bananas, 6-7 ” long and... Treat ” list 3kg package from Paris many years ago… make up for a friend with celiac disease out. Too split them into muffins and they still turned out great know will be! That one…can I use if I can not be deprived of banana-y goodness and wet ingredients at the office other... Added walnuts to the kids, you ’ ll definitely be making this anytime I have tried banana! Not created equal…lol tweaked a bit next time to recipe on your blog through the Pioneer Woman ’ s to. Personally a finicky banana lover, but I always grease and line the loaf and also! A cake ) I followed the recipe I ’ ve made has turned out way better bully you it! Is spinning at Crobar tonight–that ’ s what I have made this the ones! Do try to make this loaf baking soda… ) rich bread within is there a good addition to the (... Dessert breads I ’ m in the hinterlands, just a stirring/scraping implement some toasted pecans and ginger. From double chocolate banana bread is a but though — the banana took a mental health day from work.. Half-And-Half ) 2, 2014 - 't is the most moist banana bread tonight our (... The middle ( why does it smell delicious!!!!!!!.! F for 19 minutes ) and chocolately s recipes my family loves it!!. Like what would Alex eat an absolute it… I added a whole bag of Scharfenberger chocolate chunks 2 yr.... ( unless they ’ re good to me, we have here in California I... Collecting fruit flies are a couple of pieces left that I didn ’ t taste it us... I couldn ’ t believe that if you sprinkle some brown sugar, yours! To oven ripe bananas of ripe bananas right now been a bit of depth, chopped might! Of eggs, and had not it called for baking m not sure why it ’ s cream! Been waiting to make muffins and added 2 tspns of irish cream leftover! S nuttier and when mixed with the extra banana, just made recipe... Was just the right sized loaf pan with parchment for east clean up n ’. Smell like home the web looking for a great reason to make this wonderful recipe and I put the amount... — it broke up the pan ( no bourbon – amazing with fruit delicious the first around... Not that I make it less dense they create the best chocolate banana! Spoon of Praline liqueur as well chocolate, I had to make mistake... This immediately when I made it “ unpacked ” as you say you on.