6 Dynamic Stretches That Prep You for Any Workout ... twist your torso to the left and reach your left arm straight overhead. For example, perform a modified squat (half way) versus a full squat. This helps you warm up the muscles, use more range of … 4. Dynamic Stretching. It is therefore ideal for pre-exercise as it activates your muscles, prepares the whole body for movement and increases blood flow through the body. "The key to using dynamic warm-ups for those with arthritis lies in using a smaller range of motion and staying within your abilities." Dynamic flexibility involves doing certain stretches and exercises that mimic the activity you are about to do. These stretches include a combo of: static stretches that will improve your flexibility, and; dynamic stretches that will improve your range of motion. On the other hand, dynamic stretching works your muscles and joints through a range of motion with each repetition. But first, lets clear up the difference between static stretches and dynamic stretches, because each has their place. At the doorway, with your arms extended to your lower sides, place your palms on opposite sides of the doorframe (thumbs-up). Raise out your arms on both sides in a manner that they are parallel to the floor. Then use your free arm to hold the stretching elbow in place. Shoulders Stretch The stretches below are dynamic stretches, meaning you can do them as part of a warmup or anytime during the day to alleviate tension. Hold the pose for 10–20 seconds before repeating with your other arm. A great warm up includes foam rolling, dynamic stretching and locomotion to make sure that you are loose and mobile in the muscles and joints that you are going to use for your workout that day. Open them back again to first position and then close again. For your next workout, give your upper body the right movements for a great workout. Have a look at the rotator cuff exercises section for loads of great exercises that can help alongside arm stretches. Stand straight with feet apart at the shoulder width. Another great stretch to try can be done by using a doorway. Together, they’ll make you feel freer in your body, fast. Dynamic Stretching Tips Try these seven dynamic stretches that … Static Stretching Arm stretches will be most effective when combined with strengthening exercises as well. Stretching is one of those parts of fitness that many of us tend to "forget" about. Now bring them inwards to embrace yourself as if you are holding a teddy bear. An alternative to this move — but one that still provides a great triceps stretch — is to raise one arm over your head and bend the elbow so that the hand is positioned behind your neck. Front Arm crossover swings is a Dynamic Stretches. 3. For foam rolling moves, check out the Trigger Point video library . Arm Crossover Stretch. Muscles need a combination of strength and length to work properly so it is important to do both. While passive stretches relax your muscles (and can actually reduce your strength and power), dynamic stretches help activate your nervous system so it’s actually ready to demonstrate maximal strength and perform its best. Door Arm Stretches & Other Dynamic Warm Up Exercises.