The Redheaded Slut is a popular shot drink of Jagermeister, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice in an easy recipe that may taste a little too good. GettyImages / STOCK4B Creative In the USA, schnapps generally refers to sweet liqueurs, but in Germany, schnaps tends to be strong, clear and fruity — as in actually made of fermenting fruit with a base liquor. Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild, Rum.5 oz. 1 ½ parts Jägermeister1 part Black Beard® Spiced rum2 parts pineapple juice. [7] The name Jägermeister in German literally means "Master Hunter", "Hunt Master" or "master of the hunt". 1 ½ parts Jägermeister1 part apple schnapps1 part pineapple juice. Hunts sportsmanlike, honours the The liqueur responsible for putting German liqueurs on the map, Jägermeister, which translates to “Hunting Master,” is a dark, bittersweet sipper. Gin.5 oz. Vodka.5 oz. Finish with a twist of orange zest and a stir stick. Ride this wave all night long. Now that we have the easy one down, let's go on to the advanced cocktail recipes! In Australia, Jägermeister sponsors the AIR Charts,[43] which are Australia's official independent music charts (run by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association). Combine all ingredients except Jägermeister in a tall glass in this order: rum, Falernum, fresh lime juice and pineapple juice. Jägermeister's ingredients include 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng. [42] The 2012 stage featured Anthrax, Asking Alexandria, and more. Add spiced rum and dark becomes something else. 9 Jägermeister Cocktail Recipes Worth Your Time – Jager Drinks by Joe Miragliotta May 29, 2019 If you think that you’re too old to drink Jägermeister or that it is only good consumed as an ice-cold shot, think again. Garnish with a pineapple leaf and a lime wheel. In 1973, Eintracht Braunschweig became the first Bundesliga team to place a sponsor's logo on its jersey,[33] although the team rejected a related proposal to rename itself Eintracht Jägermeister. While the two will mix naturally, the beer head will form a mousse on top, creating a crown to admire and appreciate. A delicious combination that brings out the flavors of the spirit. As of 2018 Jägermeister has sponsored the National Hockey League (NHL) as the Official shot of the NHL. Then add more ice and top with Jägermeister, bitters, a pineapple slice and a nice sprig of fresh mint. And now, it is bottled in the same distinct glass, square and green, as then. Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc.: Start Your Engines! Mast Jägermeister produce este Jägermeister (12,20€), un licor de hierbas de Alemania con un grado alcohólico de 35º. In the product name on the label is one of the few surviving examples of the use of the long s in print. Can also be served as a cocktail. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake well, and strain into a tall glass with fresh ice. From the 1980s he promoted the drink in the youth and student market, as a drink for parties – a quite different niche to its traditional conservative brand position in its native German market. We also have several tracking codes embedded in pages like this to help brands better understand the value we provide to them. [16], Contrary to a rumor that has circulated on the internet, Jägermeister does not contain deer blood or elk blood. Jägermeister prepared a statement saying it never endorsed drinks like Scanlon's. Protects and preserves his game, Jägermeister has been a sponsor of the second stage at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival since 2008. Spring break cocktails offer an explosion of fruit, sugar and innuendo", "Exoto's Racing Legends — Porsche 934 RSR/935 Turbo Jägermeister Gift Set". 1 part Jägermeister1 part bitter, hoppy beer. His son, Curt Mast (1897–1970), was passionate about the production of spirits and liqueurs, and always keen to help his father in the business even at an early age.