SERIES 16 | Episode 33. my potting soil recipe will surprise you! However, even with potting soil, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to potting soil mixes. If you don’t quite have all the above ingredients for the first houseplant potting soil recipe, then there’s another one that trims back on ingredients except all the most essential ones. I always use a mixture of potting mix and river sand while propagating plants from cuttings. Potting Mix with Compost Soil Recipe. To grow a pot plant successfully requires nutrients, water, air and a growing medium, which usually means a good potting mix. 1 part compost 1 part sphagnum peat or coir 1 part peat humus 1 part sand. I’ve been mixing up my own potting soil recipe for the past year or so, and DIY potting soil isn’t nearly as intimidating as it sounds. Fresh wood chips will eat up a lot of the nitrogen in your potting soil mix and can cause your plants to struggle. Potting soil self-sufficiency is good for your pocketbook, your plants and the planet, and you actually gain convenience by always having potting soil ready when you need it. This post was originally published on June 19, 2017. Medium grade is suitable for seedlings, while coarse grade is better for a soil mix for older plants. Optional A handful each of: Garden lime Soybean meal Rock phosphate Kelp meal. Here is the recipe for all-purpose potting soil: 2 parts peat moss or coco coir; 1 part compost; 1 part perlite or pumice; A tablespoon of ground limestone if you use peat moss Recipe 420 Hy-Por Potting Soil is ready to use right out of the bag in any pot size from starter pots to larger containers, and … there are 3 things your potting soil needs to do... get these wrong and your doomed! You can’t fool around and get a potting soil recipe wrong because a poor potting soil recipe will stall, if not completely kill the plants that you are attempting to grow in it. Fortunately, rejuvenating old potting soil is easy and inexpensive and gives you an excuse to go outside and play in the dirt. 1 part Coco Coir, 1 part Potting mix and 2 parts Perlite If you search online you will find many soil recipes all of them are equally powerful and suitable. To make compost-based potting soil, simply mix equal parts sterilized garden soil and compost (pre-packaged or homemade) ; add sand or pebbles as needed to increase drainage. You can make your own. Potting Mix without Compost Soil Recipe – Cornell Mix (larger quantity) 1/2 cubic yard sphagnum peat or coir Moisten the ingredients to make mixing easier. If you haven’t heard of Eliot Coleman, he and his wife are the King and Queen of alternative gardening methods. Place a ½-inch mesh screen over a garden cart or other large container, and sift all ingredients to remove any large particles. Houseplant Potting Soil Recipe 2. Learn how to make your own potting soil, give your garden the best and most organic elements, and save money all at once! Classic Soil-Based Mix: Peat moss (1 part) or mature compost. Organic Potting Soil Recipe Neem cake acts as pest repellent besides being a source of nutrient for plants in your organic potting soil. Of course, you don’t have to purchase potting soil. Materials commonly used are coarse sand, a mixture of peat and perlite or river sand in equal amount. 2 parts compost 2 parts peat moss or coir 1 part perlite. This soil block mix is based on Eliot Coleman’s soil block recipe. You’ll need this: Vermiculite (1/4 to 1/2 part) Pumice or perlite (1 part) Sure, it’s more work, but it can be more gratifying, plus you’ll know the exact contents of the soil since you’re the one who has mixed it up. Recipe 420 Hy-Por Potting Soil is a 100% natural and organic blend of high performance ingredients, rich organics, and hard-working microbes. 1 part garden loam or topsoil. Recipe 420 Potting Soil The secret recipe grower formula for vital growth and optimum impact. The best cactus potting soil will have inorganic material like perlite, gravel, etc with an organic mixture with fast-drying properties. If you've been thinking of creating your own mix, here are six things to know. You can never have enough potting soil and a good potting soil recipe is an absolute must. Make your own potting soil mix for container gardens, like window boxes, hanging baskets, and pots. Starting a garden shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, but quite the opposite: it should SAVE you money, and that's where this DIY potting soil recipe comes in! First of all, and even though it says ‘Desert’ cactus, you want to avoid using sand to grow your cactus plants; desert cactus is known to thrive best in their rocky habitat, with a perfectly draining soil.. Rotten Wood. RECIPES. To make approximately 11-12 liters of potting soil follow the recipe below. All-Purpose Potting Soil Recipe. 1 part bagged potting soil 1 part bagged playground sand. free video reveals my secret potting soil recipe that will shock you... this is super simple! Any soil component which holds too much water like vermiculite is not recommended for stem propagation because too much water will rot the cuttings. This recipe makes a lean soil that alpine plants love, but make sure the potting soil … An all-purpose potting mix contains nutrients for houseplants, retains some moisture, and doesn’t allow the soil to become too soggy. "Mixing your own potting soil versus purchasing a premixed version may be more economical if you plan to [make] large numbers of pots on an annual basis," says Jeana Myers, a North Carolina State horticulture extension agent. My potting soil recipe has three main ingredients: 1. Recipe #2: Homemade Potting Soil There's a second way to make homemade potting soil that involves fewer ingredients and is favored by some organic gardeners. Jerry's potting mix recipes. This Recipe 420 blend is a special blend of ingredients hand selected specifically for … A good potting mix recipe contains sterile garden loam, sand, peat moss or coconut coir and other additives as needed. The Recipe 1 part peat moss 1 part perlite 1 part compost 1 part good garden soil. Read more. How To Make Your Own Cactus Soil Mix For Desert Cactus. DIY potting soil recipe. It was most recently updated on June 29, 2020. However, I’m going to share with you a simple potting soil recipe you can tweak to make it work for whatever you’re growing. I first began using the potting soil recipe from Mel Bartholemew’s book The New Square Foot Gardening. Vermiculite is another lightweight addition to potting mixes. Handle it gently; if it’s handled roughly, it compacts and loses its air-holding ability. Clean builder’s sand (1 part )or perlite. don't complicate this stuff... getting the perfect potting soil mixture is not difficult when you follow my advice; important! This potting soil recipe can also be used as your regular potting soil for containers, pots and seedlings. Rotten wood doesn’t cause that issue, plus it holds moisture and provides a loose and airy texture to the mix. It's easy, much cheaper than buying pre-made soil, and you can customize the mix to your plants' needs. Read also: How to make your own potting soil. When making your own potting mix, working from a recipe is a good idea to start. A good potting mix recipe contains sterile garden loam, sand, peat moss (or coconut coir) and other additives as needed. Succulents require some different ingredients while vegetables require a few other components. Discover my secret potting soil recipe that I've been using for years! Here are a few popular soil recipes: Seed Starter Soil Recipe. In fact, there are plenty of ways to do it. Alpine plants are adapted to survive in the bare minimum of soil conditions, so many store-bought mixes high in organic matter won’t work. Also check out how to amend your super soil mix, and our recipe on a compost tea soil.