Cue Malicious Compliance. Immediately the friends turned to French girl and asked "What did he say?". Her fence was then installed. When they would ask me about it, I would just say that I was protecting the food in the store from any potential hairs, real or imagined. We decided to use company pick and drop facility. So I stroll up and ask what's going on. I agreed that I would carry out the tests at 9am sharp in future...... Next few weeks pass and the manager is getting complaints from callers that either they get cut off or inexplicably put on hold. This was done at 9am every Monday morning. The rest of the trip, the friends tried to convince her to reveal what it was that I had said. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. Should I be shaving? The wife doesn’t answer. I mean, she always made our very sweet custodians pick them up at the end of the day, but I made it my special job to report to her every incidence of anything going over the fence since she is so very concerned about THE FENCE situation. I tell her she has very specifically drafted emails and speeches for the past year that she demanded be written into our meeting minutes that the PTA must find a way to pay for the fence, not the labor. I respond that I'm certain that I have eyebrow hairs longer than that, and in mock concern, I ask if I should be wearing my hairnet over them. During undergrad I worked at a deli in a major supermarket. Now, I intentionally order more expensive food so I can tip … For most people it meant hiring private taxis for home drops and billing the company. Here is where the malicious compliance takes place: Jessica is reviewing a ticket documenting a bug in the product and she consults her manager, the ticket gets sent to her manager who is tasked with reproducing it in order to develop a patch for said bug. For those of you concerned about my lack of sense of security, we had plenty of other barriers, had many other options available that the district would’ve paid for, and she even left the back of the fence next to the creek wide open and said, “the fence is just meant to be a visual barrier.” Actually, the demise of Umbridge is pretty great, but maybe that’s another post . Umbridge came in guns blazing as it was her first Principal assignment. I ask why not, because it's likely that my eyebrow hairs would be in someone's food if we're worried about chin stubble. Cast: Me, HR, Desk Mate (DM) Background: I'm nondenominational pagan, but my beliefs align closely to Buddhism. In this Reddit Malicious Compliance story, Our OP hates art, but he has to take the class. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. About 10 years ago I worked for a company who sold high end clothes. Manager says I should stop spitting my dummy out and being sulky and petulant. So, Umbridge tasked me and our PTA with finding a way to fundraiser and pay for her fence, says she will find funds for the labor costs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is my new favourite kind of compliance. That.’. Yep - I was either just cutting callers off completely, or putting them on hold for however long it took, to make sure that alarm was done at 9am. One of the friends was French, and spoke French at home. technically it's right half of 4 sweets is 2 sweets well 4 halves add up to 2!! In this Reddit Malicious Compliance story, Who would have thought a law firm would hire you and fire you on the same day!! Then I ask about the fine hairs on a woman's face. She insists that the multiple gates (which the fence company actually would like to be paid for) aren’t necessary. A sly smile crept across her face as she said, "he said...something". They persist that no, I shouldn't worry about it. I worked at and volunteered for PTA in my daughter’s elementary school for 7 years.