Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Camelot was a little different. Babylon is a quite tough place (though if you can breeze through Camelot, you probably won't need this warning) 2020-08-24T15:02:54Z Comment by Okuyasu. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No break bars, less gimmicks and at least a lot of the Camelot bosses were by themselves. Even if you got tips from the community you had to take a lot of damage to tank through. For the highest law of magi, see Grand Order. They weren't hard to defeat, but those things, plus the fight against Ushiwakamaru or the fight against Quetzalcoatl (without a support Jack) felt harder. Also Merlin is in Babylon. If you need to basically grind a hundred battles for coins in whats equal to Camelot or Babylon it sounds so unfun. class Ushi, but more because of the fact that they didn't had any weaknesses, we were losing 1,2k HP every turn, and even our party order was randomized, the latter which was the worst kind of gimmick I have ever seen. :D, the hardest parts of camelot were the bs buffs on gawain and co. and the crashes because of the sandstorm stages. I'm worried about this. It was nice to see ruler and avenger as enemies. Back up support or star gen or what I like to call a brawler servant. I cleared every battle blind on the first try, too. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Camelot was a lot harder with all the gimmicky boss battle against the Knights of the Round. Aside from Quetzalcoatl hard mode (which prompted me to reset-rng-abuse during one turn), it's pretty easy actually. The Lion King was aware of the incineration of humanity and planned to store a selection of human souls into Rhongomyniad to preserve humanity in some form. Thanks for the tips, it's also reassuring to hear that Babylonia is a bit easier than Camelot (and the less gimmicky fight). Babylon was fun though even more than Camelot imo. Babylonia in the other hand, had just the right ammount of dificulty you would expect from an history chapter: it wasn't easy, but it wasn't either too hard to beat. Babylonia has a few nodes which are sort of difficult, Boss Spoilers: Corrupted Ushiwakamaru. Extra classes take and deal x1.0 damage, with the exception of Avenger which takes x0.5 damage. Camelot imo, it took some planning before hand. I'm not that far into Babylon but so far I've only used command seals for convenience and have otherwise been able to 'tactics' my way to victory. It was nothing like canelot bosses that hit like truck all the frickin times. All in all, I'd say Camelot was significantly harder. I just realized that Babylon isn't Buster-friendly since the only way to survive & win is using arts team with def buff & insta-kill or just relying on Merlin & other story supports. I also was afraid of unlimited Ushi, but then my party got shuffled and my last resort duo d'Eon+Mashu got switched up on the front, and then Unlimited Ushi couldn't do anything against the taunts and defensive buffs. Unlike camelot where you had to be sly to win through the battles, babylonia was close to putting pieces of puzzle together. I even managed to deal with the team-shuffling earthquakes. Looking for information on the anime Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia (Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia)? Compared to their high health, most of the bosses hit like wet noodles, so it was less difficult, but more annoying. Fate fans, it's a time to rejoice, because is Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia starting this season! Goddess will be mentioned by others, so Ill skip it. Quest for the Holy Grail "Grand Order"(聖杯探索(グランドオーダー), Seihai Tansaku(Gurando Ōdā)? I want to know if it was harder, easier or the same for others who played it. Same as the previous version, the 3-Knights class (Saber, Archer, Lancer) takes extra damage from the boss while dealing x1.0 to the boss. On the one hand for Camelot, the Knights were definitely the hardest part of that chapter. I'm going to give it to Camelot since no support in the world could prepare you for the amount of GALATIIIIIINE and ARTHUUUUUUUR. I definitely used more command seals than I did in Camelot. Camelot by far. Having an event be hard and super grindy at the same time doesn't seem fun in the slightest. I definitely used more command seals than I did in Camelot. I'd say Camelot was harder due to the knights of the cheating table and their bullcrap. Even the Mud Ushis were berzerkers and died easily, at least.

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