This is proof of a fast growth rate. Popular . The Burgundy Rubber enjoys average room temperatures of 65-78 degrees. m The optimal mix for a burgundy rubber ficus consists of one part pine bark and one part coarse sand or perlite. ; Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’—The deep burgundy colored leaves look almost black.. Product size. Native to South Asia, Ficus elastica is a member of the fig genus. There are a number of Ficus elastica varieties grown successfully indoors which includes, "the most common one" F.elastica decora (has shiny leather type leaves which grow to a foot long), F.elastica robusta (has larger leaves than decora), F.elastica black prince or burgundy (has near black reddish leaves) and a selection of variegated types. Ficus Elastica Burgundy is an amazing indoor plant that would suit any home decor. Use a pot with a drainage hole, a size bigger than the previous one, and add rocks at the bottom. Rubber trees require indirect sunlight and should be placed near a window, preferably with morning sun and afternoon shade. To attract them, they produce insignificant, small ovoid-shape inflorescences called sycones. In temperate and tropical climates, the tree can reach up to 40’ feet in height when planted in the ground. Place burgundy rubber tree plants away from air-conditioning vents, heaters and drafts. Easy plant ideal for beginners. This item: PlantVine Ficus elastica 'Burgundy', Indian Rubber Plant - Large - 8-10 Inch Pot (3 Gallon), Live… $80.00 Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Considered a tall plant. After an hour or so, use a rooting hormone in the potting mix and provide warmth to the bottom of the pot. Empty the saucer if the water level is high so not to drown the roots. Water the plant and place direct sunlight with steady room temperatures. Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’: This rubber plant variety grows deep burgundy-toned leaves with bright red stems. Ficus elastica 'Burgundy', or Rubber Plant, is a man-made cultivar of the old standard Rubber Plant.Rubber plants are native from India to Malay. Categories: Trees,House Plants / Indoor / Interior,Container Plants,Wildlife Attractor,Bird Attracting Plants,Medicinal,Hedges and Screens,Foliage Color Many people put their rubber trees near a window where the light is filtered through a pair of sheer curtains. Its leaves have only 1 color. It has big leaves. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) - Morphological Elements Rubber Plant is an evergreen tree of fast and large growth when it is in the natural state, having a height that often exceeds 25 m (82 ft). Alocasia Plant Care: Growing The African Mask Plant, Zingiber Zerumbet Care: All About Growing Shampoo Ginger. Avoid temperatures below 55 degrees, sudden temperature drops, or cold drafts. Place the dug up plant gently, spreading the roots and filling the hole. Ficus elastica ‘Decora’: This variety grows dark green leaves that are thick and glossy. It can be as a bushy, multistemmed plant or … The 6 size option averages 14 high by 10 wide when shipped. left to get the ! How To Care For A Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica): Grow your Rubber Plant in soil that drains well, create moderate humidity and keep temperatures between 50°F (10°C) to 85°F (29°C). Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' A spectacular indoor pot plant or outdoor canopy tree. The plant contains a milky white sap called latex. Banana Fruit Tree Musa "Gran Nain" LIVE Tropical Plant. (function(win, doc, sdk_url){
  if(win.snaptr) return;
  var tr=win.snaptr=function(){
  tr.handleRequest? An indoor favourite but also ideal as a potted specimen plant for patios and verandahs. SIGN UP. Rubber trees grow at a relatively fast rate. The worst thing you can do to your Rubber Tree is to overwater it. The Burgundy variety is a spectacular plant with thick, glossy leaves that can range in colour from a rich burgundy red to almost black. Difficulty. Water-soluble and well-balanced plant food specially formulated for houseplants is nutritious for rubber trees. This is important for rubber tree plants as poor drainage can lead to various leaf problems. When grown, the annual growth rate is moderate and does not exceed a height of 15 m (50 ft). Ficus elastica, the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, rubber plant, or Indian rubber bush, Indian rubber tree, is a species of plant in the fig genus, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia. The new foliage emerges red before maturing. Your Burgundy Rubber will grow best with consistent, bright, filtered light—which produces the dark, burgundy color of the leaves. Burgundy Ficus Ficus elastica. The best way to go about propagating a rubber plant is by stem cuttings. The leaves of the tree have a texture which collects dust easily. Ornamental hybrids such as Robusta and others with variegated large leaves are favored. If the burgundy ficus doesn't receive enough sunlight, the leaves will turn green and lose their burgundy color. Commonly known as the Ficus Rubber plant, its glossy oval leaves and contrasting green and purple hues bring a modern touch to any home. The Ficus Elastica Burgundy, or Rubber Tree, is native to many parts of South and Southeast Asia. $19.95. The Burgundy Rubber Tree is an easy, yet hardy indoor plant that is native to Southeast Asia. Do this every couple of months for optimal results. While it starts off small in size, this plant grows into an indoor tree within a few years. The burgundy rubber plant is a selected cultivar of Ficus elastica [FY-kus, ee-LASS-tih-kuh], and a Ficus species from the fig genus, a part of the Moraceae fig family, Ficeae tribe, and Urostigma subgenus. The Ficus Burgundy is a plant that needs little water to survive. These sycones are not very fragrant and have a greenish-yellow hue. The Burgundy Rubber is great for beginners. If you're looking for a stunning, low-maintenance, and rubber-producing plant, boy do we have a plant for you. A popular, robust, evergreen, ornamental plant with shiny burgundy leaves and distinctly pink new growth. Outdoors Burgundy Ficus grows well in full sun or bright indirect light. The plants do their best when planted in well-draining soil with excellent aeration. Then plant the cuttings in individual pots and let new growth show up. Just wipe them off with a moist cloth and it’ll be good as new. This particular Ficus plant is quite popular among gardeners interested in using it as a houseplant. Light. You may also want to prune or trim back any unwanted branches to give the plant a fuller shape. *By submitting your email, you will receive emails from Lunarly and its affiliates. Leaf color. No fertilizer is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows. Rubber Tree 'burgundy'Ficus elastica He's a dark horse that goes against the grain of your typical green-leafed houseplant. Ficus Rubber Burgundy Tree Live Plant an Old Favorite 6" Pot Indoor Houseplant. Burgundy features rich, deep red foliage, and under lower light levels turns almost purple. h FICUS ELASTICA Potted plant Article no: 903.979.06. Some bottom leaves can turn yellow and drop naturally but it’s better to check the soil conditions. Ingestion could cause mouth or stomach irritation and possible vomiting. Elastic is native to many parts of eastern South Asia and Southeast Asia. tr.handleRequest.apply(tr, arguments):tr.queue.push(arguments);
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})(window, document, '');  It has become naturalized in Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and the US State of Florida. Check out our article: Is The Rubber Plant Poisonous? If grown in very high light, the thick glossy leaves have a burgundy color to them, with a red midrib. Water when the top inch of soil becomes dry and fertilize monthly. Pests. If leaves are stained, use a tiny amount of liquid hand soap to gently remove the stains. Length: 68 cm Weight: 2.42 kg Diameter: 30 cm Package(s): 1. Systemic Insecticide: What Is It And How To Use It? Consult your local garden center or nursery for advice and a non-toxic or DIY solution to rid your Ficus burgundy of these pests. Most are easily preventable with a bit of care, though. Ships from and sold by ChinoValleyTropicals. However, like other fig species such as the fiddle leaf fig, the plant needs fig wasps for pollination. This means the ideal temperature for burgundy rubber trees is 65° degrees Fahrenheit (18° C) in the nighttime an around 80° degrees Fahrenheit (27° C) or more during the day. The most common problem in rubber Ficus plants is the loss of leaves due to overwatering. “Burgundy” rubber plant (Ficus elastica “Burgundy”), a man-made cultivar, develops large leaves, 8 to 12 inches long and 4 inches wide, with a burgundy tint and a red midrib. This plant tolerates low light, but the leaves will fade to a light green color. In some parts, the roots of the plant are guided over chasms so they interlock and create a bridge. The Indian rubber tree plants are hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 10 through 11. The Burgundy Rubber plant is a beautiful plant that grows best with consistent, bright, filtered light. It can grow up to ~118.1 inches. Indoor plants usually top at 4’ – 6’ feet and pruned to keep them short. The burgundy rubber Ficus is an ornamental plant, used both indoors and outdoors to showcase its unique foliage. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. In this video I share with you my care tips for one of my favorite houseplants today. Rubber Plant | 1 ft. + tall Live Rubber Tree| Ficus Elastica | Live Plant | Houseplant | Fig | vadiivsgarden $ 10.95. Cutting the tops off will cause side branching which easily enables a staggered bushy look when grown as an indoor specimen. They appear in pairs in axils of mature trees’ leaves. This helps produce the beautiful burgundy colored leaves. 
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 Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Excessive water around the roots can cause rot. Can You Cut The Top Off A Dracaena Plant? The 4 size option averages 10 high by 6 wide when shipped. Ficus Elastica - Burgundy Ficus - Burgundy Rubber Plant, Live Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant, Ships in 4" Pot yourplantplug $ 11.99. The ideal temperature for the new plants to grow healthy is between 70° – 75° degrees Fahrenheit (21° – 24° C). Use leaf shining products to maintain a natural shine on the leaves. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Plant height: . var badgifyTemplate = 'article'; d Free shipping. How to propagate the Rubber Fig (Ficus elastica) witch cuttings. The Burgundy Rubber Tree is an easy, yet hardy indoor plant that is native to Southeast Asia. This helps produce the beautiful burgundy colored leaves. Ficus Elastica Burgundy is commonly known as green rubber plant, rubber tree. Cut back the watering in winter. Item specifics Ficus elastica 'Burgundy', Indian Rubber Plant - Large Large live, healthy plant in an 8-10 inch pot. Its milky sap was originally used to make latex, which is why this plant is often called the Rubber Tree. Burgundy Rubber plant enjoys low to bright indirect light. For best results, feed your plant every month during the spring and summer with diluted liquid fertilizer. Light: Bright to partial shade . If you have further questions or if the plant just isn’t thriving, contact us at The Burgundy Rubber is mildly toxic to humans and pets. Thick glossy leathery leaves which range from burgundy red to almost black. More specific named highlights include the compact Ficus Decora, and the dark green almost black leaved Black Prince and Ficus Burgundy. Product size 19 cm. Rubber plants are very sensitive to moisture. Low light or indirect lighting with indoor plants is tolerated but leads to less vibrant colored foliage. 15-25cm (Approx.) The plant is known for its prolific fleshy burgundy leaves. We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. In cooler temperatures, the plant is best grown indoors. By entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today. shipping: + $10.98 shipping . Water when the top inch of the soil becomes dry, then thoroughly drench until the water drains into the saucer. If you have cats or dogs in your home, keep the plant away from their reach to avoid and foreseeable problems. 'Burgundy' is a dark leaved selection of India rubber tree that features very dark green, nearly black leaves with red mid-veins. $14.95. The Ficus Burgundy or Elastica Plant creates a strikingly ornamental plant look in any home or office. Summary. Apart from the standard Ficus elastica with its shiny green leaves, there are several varieties of rubber plant. The burgundy-colored leaves are large, about 8” – 12” inches long and around 4” inches wide. Watering Bromeliads – How To Water A Potted Bromeliad! Needs bright light. Indoor temperatures for ficus trees should be kept between 65 and 80 degrees F. The leaves can reach up to 12" long and 4" wide. The elastica or decora plant has earned quite a lot of common names including: This cultivar of the Ficus elastica plant is definitely a looker when it comes to rubber trees. As a native to the tropics, your  Burgundy Rubber will appreciate you misting its leaves to increase humidity—especially when it gets very warm in the summer. Maximum height. Besides being grown as indoor plants, the rubber tree is also produced by vegetative propagation. Make sure it has bright light or high light. $19.99. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica) 'Burgundy' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden.

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