height: 7px; } background: #ffffff; position: relative; hgroup, opacity: 0; @media print{.visible-print{display:block !important;} .grid-posts.col-4 .swiper-slide { /* WIDGET : POPULAR POSTS */ .swiper-wp8-vertical{-ms-touch-action:pan-x;touch-action:pan-x;} border-bottom: 1px dotted #eeeeee; } text-transform: uppercase; width: 100%; .post-block .item { } text-transform: uppercase; position: relative; ::-webkit-scrollbar-track { table.visible-xs{display:table;} } line-height: 24px; line-height: 1.5; } padding: 6px 8px; position: static !important; font-family: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; .FollowByEmail input.follow-by-email-address { opacity: .5; padding-right: 12px; display: none; -o-animation-delay: 0.75s; overflow: auto; .footer { z-index: 99; } .col-md-push-8{left:66.66666667%;} line-height: 24px; } } #comments .avatar-image-container img { .button:hover { a:visited{ .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-right, margin-top: 15px; #comments { } bottom: 0; font: normal bold 18 px 'Playfair Display', serif; padding-left: 30px; list-style:inside none disc !important; } .theiaStickySidebar { .header-content .logo { } .m-menu.open:before { They will be deleted immediately. /* SOCIAL HEADER */ border-color: #ef9d87; padding-bottom: 0; padding-bottom: 16px; .Header h1.title { .swiper-pagination-clickable .swiper-pagination-bullet{cursor:pointer;} display: block; } Season lightly. SOCIAL FOOTER list-style-type: none; body#layout #content:before { text-align: center .widget.Image .widget-content p { margin:0px auto 10px; th.visible-md, padding: 20px 30px; } background-color: #e8e8e8; .post .post-actions .post-items .post-reading div { text-align:center; font-size: 11px; float: none; } display: none; color: #ef9d87; top: 130px; top: -9px; } text-transform: uppercase; .post .single -author .author-content span a { bottom: 19px; ul,li { margin-bottom: 15px; width: 40px; *,:before,:after { margin-right:10px; .list-label-widget-content ul li span { https://ladyandpups.com/2015/02/03/magic-15-seconds-creamy-scrambled-eg… aside, color: #161616; -moz-animation-delay: 0.75s; The following garnishes are meant to be stirred in with the scrambled egg mixture in the basin before cooking: 5 oz. right: initial; #promo-col3 { clear: both; contactMessageText = "Message", position: relative; tr.visible-xs{display:table-row !important;} font-size: 12px; .arrow-right-icon:before { // -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; line-height: 24px; #mobile-header .m-search .toggle { display: inline-block; margin-bottom: 40px; } } } line-height: 35px; } margin-left: 22px; .blog-pager a:hover { opacity: 0; } max-width: 100% !important; display: block; } -o-animation-delay: 0.125s; } position: relative; .featured-posts .featured-pagination { background-color: #ef9d87; } overflow:hidden; .post .post-title a { -webkit-animation: uilsquare 1s linear infinite; width: 100%; } } letter-spacing:2px; .post .single .post-actions .post-share ul { -webkit-transform: translateY(0); -o-animation: uilsquare 1s linear infinite; } We must be on the same wave length lol, lady night I was searching a re ipe to make my own tortillas and I came here to see if you had one lo, you are my go to source of recipes ,, and here you are today posting it! } background-color: #333; .col-sm-12{width:100%;} line-height: normal; .cloud-label-widget-content span a:hover { } } .topmenu { position: absolute; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); } /* ================================================== body#layout #promo-col1, background-color: #fafafa; overflow: hidden; } Hello to Gary! display: block; -webkit-align-items: flex-end; body#layout #header:before { } text-transform: uppercase; content: ""; .col-lg-pull-12{right:100%;} padding: 0 12px; ================================================== */ .popular-posts ul li { /* SEARCH */ } } input[type="radio"]{box-sizing:border-box;padding:0;} display: block; background-color: #ef9d87; @media print{.visible-print-inline-block{display:inline-block !important;} tr.visible-lg{display:table-row !important;} } .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-top{background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)), to(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)));background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:-o-linear-gradient(bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));background-image:linear-gradient(to top, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0));} .pagination ul li span { opacity: .5; } .col-xs-4{width:33.33333333%;} .visible-sm, width: 97px; margin-left: 10px; line-height: 1.5; #loader{ line-height: 1.7; So is he a good rise. .col-lg-7{width:58.33333333%;} Small squares of fried bread and some cheese mixed. font-family: monospace; width: 100%; Second, if you will bake a cake or make some griddle cakes. // Translation ");t="locations/"+this.options.locationId+"/media/recent";break;case"user":if(typeof this.options.userId!="number")throw new Error("No user specified. } .visible-print-inline{display:none !important;} -ms-transform: translateY(0); cursor: pointer; .col-xs-offset-7{margin-left:58.33333333%;} position: relative; text-transform: uppercase; transition: all .3s ease 0s; font-size: 26px; opacity: 0; // -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; margin: 12px 0; font-size: 11px; .col-lg-pull-2{right:16.66666667%;} border: none !important; margin-top:60px; They were perfect to serve with the Mexican Scrambled Eggs. font-size: 15px; word-wrap: normal; } transform: translateY(0); 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display: block; display: block; We cooked it in our Home Economics Class. background-color: #e8e8e8; position: relative; } } clear: both; .table:after,.table:before { } font-weight: 400; .social-footer { } margin-top: 4px; .container { .main-wrap.has-left-sidebar #main { #comments .user { The meal looks so inviting with those bright colours. user-select: initial; justify-content: center; } body.framed #wrapper { } display:table; padding: 10px 0 30px; line-height: 1.7; position: relative; #comments .user a { bottom: 0; width: 1px; @media (min-width:992px){.col, .col-md-1, .col-md-2, .col-md-3, .col-md-4, .col-md-5, .col-md-6, .col-md-7, .col-md-8, .col-md-9, .col-md-10, .col-md-11, .col-md-12{float:left;} ================================================================ */ } /* 04.4 - LOGO } line-height: 24px; -moz-animation: uilsquare 1s linear infinite; } font-size: 15px; content: "\f231"; color: #c7254e; .swiper-button-prev.swiper-button-disabled, min-width: 345px!important; .col-md-push-11{left:91.66666667%;} color: #ef9d87; Chickpea flour and the brine from a can of chickpeas (also known as aquafaba) can be used to create soft, curd-y scrambled eggs that will rival anything that came out of a chicken. text-decoration: underline; .m-navigation li { width: 60px; background: #fafafa; background: none; -webkit-transform:rotate(360deg); input[type="password"], } .main-wrap.has-left-sidebar #sidebar { height: auto !important; font: normal bold 18 px 'Playfair Display', serif; } .post .post-more { border-bottom: 0; padding: 10px 0; .col-xs-pull-8{right:66.66666667%;} .featured-overlay .featured-post-meta a{ font-style: italic; } line-height: 40px; .m-navigation ul ul li a { } font-size: 11px; max-width: 100% !important; .tooltip-inner { *, #comments .comment-thread > ol li { } .Header p.description span { content: ""; padding: 40px !important; float:left; This tamagoyaki scramble is … textarea{ } input[type="text"], background-color: #e8e8e8; margin-right:25px; font-size: 11px; } margin-bottom: 6px!important; .topmenu ul > li > ul > li a { position: absolute; .m-menu-offcanvas { .post .post-actions .post-items span { .col-xs-offset-4{margin-left:33.33333333%;} position: relative; #main .contact-form-name { } } } position: relative; color: #888; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; 1% { } } border: 1px solid transparent; } width: 110px; margin: 0 0 10px; .col-sm-push-1{left:8.33333333%;} errorMsg1 = "The page you were looking for could not be found. .col-sm-offset-1{margin-left:8.33333333%;} body#layout #header div.section#logo { border-top-color: #000; .swiper-slide{-webkit-flex-shrink:0;-ms-flex:0 0 auto;flex-shrink:0;width:100%;height:100%;position:relative;} .swiper-container .swiper-notification{position:absolute;left:0;top:0;pointer-events:none;opacity:0;z-index:-1000;} Add the onion and peppers. font-style: italic; border-color: #fbe2dd; xoxo. box-shadow: rgba(0,0,0,0.12) 0 0 0px 0, rgba(0,0,0,0.24) 0 0px 0px 0 !important; width: 270px; -ms-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); } } .tooltip.bottom .tooltip-arrow { color: #161616; background: #ffffff; padding: 0; margin-bottom: 0; Nigella's Mexican Scrambled Eggs (from Nigella Express and on the Nigella website) uses soft corn tortillas. .widget.Feed li .item-title { float: right; margin: 0 30px 0 0; margin-bottom: 10px; border-top:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.04); .fa:before, box-sizing: border-box; ================================================== */ .col-lg-push-9{left:75%;} color: #161616; } You can round out this breakfast by serving these sandwiches with my Foolproof Roasted Potatoes or my Smashed Roasted Potatoes. .caption2 .featured-overlay { } display: block; opacity: .5; margin-left: 2px; .related-posts-8 li:nth-child(even),.related-posts-9 li:nth-child(even){ .featured-posts .swiper-slide { line-height: 35px; background-color: #a7dfd2 !important; max-width: 100%; color: #fff; SOCIAL FOOTER color: #4e4d4c; } -moz-transform: translate(-50%, 50%); 21% { } .container-fluid .row { .main-wrap.has-no-sidebar #sidebar { float: left; left:0px; box-shadow:0 0 4px rgba(180, 180, 180, 0.55); margin-left: 30px; } @media (min-width:768px) and (max-width:991px){.visible-sm-block{display:block !important;} content: ""; margin: auto; .post-block .item .item-title { .swiper-container-cube .swiper-slide-active, display: none; body#layout #social-footer { #comments .comment-actions { .FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-inner .follow-by-email-submit, margin-left: -2px; width: 10%; margin-bottom: 0; } display: block; margin: 0; -moz-transform: translateY(10px); } } color: #fa9595; display: none; margin-bottom: 30px; text-align: center; width: 100%; font-size: 16px; overflow: hidden; background-color: #ef9d87; /* Pagination */ margin: 30px auto 10px; text-align: left; .swiper-pagination-white .swiper-pagination-bullet-active{background:#fff;} right:0; } sub, } } color: #fff; body#layout div#Theme-Options.section h4 { } 04. .grid-posts .nav-arrows.swiper-button-disabled { left: 0; text-align: center; } padding: 0 5%; opacity: .9; } We both enjoy Tex Mex flavours, and do enjoy a meal such as this every now and then. top: 30px; } border-radius: 2px; padding-left:74px; transition: 0; line-height: 1.5; right: 10px; .post-block .item .item-title a:hover { display: block; width: 200px; text-transform: uppercase; @media (min-width:992px) and (max-width:1199px){.visible-md-inline{display:inline !important;} bottom: 0; kbd, } overflow: hidden; font-size: 10px; color: #4e4d4c !important; } } opacity: 1; Cut and turn with spatula until firm and COMPLETELY cooked through. .related-posts-7 li.related-post-item{ padding: 9px 10px; } text-align: justify display: block; position: relative; margin: 0; } #mobile-header .m-search .toggle span { .post .single .post-author { font-size: 18px; .clearfix:after, Please don't attempt to leave spam or comments with links. .FeaturedPost .post-summary { -webkit-transform: rotate(45deg); /* Related Posts */ text-align: center; overflow: hidden; 100% { width: 0; .grid-posts.style2 .item:hover .item-overlay, letter-spacing: 1px; .swiper-wp8-horizontal{-ms-touch-action:pan-y;touch-action:pan-y;} display: none; .flickr-widget li:hover { } line-height: 0px !important; opacity: 0.35; .spotify:before { content: '\f1bc'; } display: inline-block; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.05); .related-date:before { .share-twitter:before { .post .single .post-header .post-title { .main-wrap.has-no-sidebar { 11% { .store:before { content: '\f07a'; } .text-left { transform: rotate(45deg); .popular-posts ul li .item-caption { display: inline-block; #promo-col2 { .form-group:last-child{ padding: 0; width: 90px; transform: translateY(0); padding: 50px; position: relative; .visible-md-block, -webkit-transform: translateY(0); border-top: 1px dotted #f0f0f0; position: relative; .page-404 .orgo:before { } .col-md-12{width:100%;} } left: 5px; width: 100%; font-family: monospace; position: relative; } font-weight: 400; margin: 0 auto; Tip out and knead on a lightly floured surface until you have a smooth dough. /* WIDGET : SEARCHBOX */ .topmenu ul > li > ul > li > ul { .grid-posts .item .item-title { top: 0; display: none; } text-align: center; margin-right: 0; display: block; display: inline-block; } } font: normal normal 14px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; font-weight: 700; top: 16px; padding-right: 8px; .grid-posts .item .item-post-meta .post-author:after { .col-md-6{width:50%;} background: #37c9ec; } } Tortillas are very easy to make and homemade ones are infinitely better than ready made I have to say! .col-md-5{width:41.66666667%;} Give it a good whisk together to combine. display: inline-block; border-right: 1px solid #fff; #comment-holder { -ms-animation-delay: 0.125s; color: #161616; .swiper-container-rtl .swiper-button-prev.swiper-button-white{background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg'%20viewBox%3D'0%200%2027%2044'%3E%3Cpath%20d%3D'M27%2C22L27%2C22L5%2C44l-2.1-2.1L22.8%2C22L2.9%2C2.1L5%2C0L27%2C22L27%2C22z'%20fill%3D'%23ffffff'%2F%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E");} } background: #eee; text-align: center; } -o-transform: translateY(-30px); margin-bottom: 0; .col-xs-8{width:66.66666667%;} } font-style: italic; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.05); float: right; text-shadow: none; display: block; background: #fafafa; margin: 0; margin-right: 12px; font: normal normal 11px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; content: "\f045"; /* 04.2 - TOPBAR -moz-box-sizing: border-box; margin-right: 10px; } 21% { line-height: 1.5; .linkedin:before { content: '\f0e1'; } padding:30px 0; overflow: hidden; height: 200px; z-index: 3; opacity: .8; Add the eggs and salt and mix well into a thin batter. } letter-spacing: 2px; .swiper-button-next{position:absolute;top:50%;width:27px;height:44px;margin-top:-22px;z-index:10;cursor:pointer;-moz-background-size:27px 44px;-webkit-background-size:27px 44px;background-size:27px 44px;background-position:center;background-repeat:no-repeat;} font-size: 10px; input[type="search"]::-webkit-search-cancel-button, } padding: 35px 24px; ================================================================ */ .tumblr:before { content: '\f173'; } } font-size: 14px; background: #f2f2f2; height: 100px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #999; } border-radius: 0 !important; position: relative; font-style: normal; .footer .totop { .main-wrap.has-right-sidebar #main { .twitter-widget ul li { background: #fbe2dd; .row:after{clear:both;} background: #f0f0f0; -ms-transform: translateY(0); max-width: 50%; .clearfix:after, } letter-spacing: 2px; 02. /* CONTACT FORM */ border-radius: 0; text-transform: none; margin:0px!Important; } } /* TO TOP */ Chopped green paprika peppers. } margin-left: 24px; .popular-posts ul li .item-meta { right: 19px; .search .search-box { .flickr-widget .flickr-item img { background-color: #444 !important; /* ================================================== ================================================== */ } color: #4e4d4c; .caption2 .featured-overlay .featured-title a { text-align: center; } display: none; .swiper-button-prev.swiper-button-black, } .featured-posts .swiper-slide { margin-bottom: 25px; } background-color: #000; transform: translate(-50%,-50%); 12. list-style: none; .header.no-border { list-style: disc; background-color: #e8e8e8; ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover { } background: #f0f0f0; font-weight: 600; padding-bottom: 10px; .promo_boxes { .promo_boxes .Image .quickedit { content: ''; .visible-sm-inline, line-height: 30px; content: ""; text-transform: uppercase; /* Posts */ } font-size: 12px; color: #161616; font-family: monospace; .contact-form-error-message-with-border, .contact-form-success-message-with-border { left: 0; height: 45px; line-height: 1.7; .theiaStickySidebar { .post-pagination i { opacity: .5; text-align: center; .grid-posts .swiper-container { .text-center { } } display: block; border-right: 1px solid #eeeeee; } Add flour and cook, stirring frequently, until roux is light golden brown, about 3 1⁄2 minutes. width: 18px; /* Widget post titles */ color: #c7254e; border-left: 1px solid #eeeeee; text-align: center; *, padding-right: 20px !important; } .m-menu .toggle span:after{ font-size: 11px; } position: relative; #comments ul, .button.pink {background: #ff5e94;} Canadian lover of all things British. width: 100% !important; margin-bottom: 5px; .contact-form-email { .grid-posts .item .item-cat a { padding-bottom: 0; font-style: normal; background-color: #EEE; text-align: center; Black pepper is a fine substitution. height: 30px; /* ================================================================= } display: inline-block; } .col-xs-push-9{left:75%;} .visible-lg-block, padding: 0 !important; margin-left: auto; float: left; } content: "Theme Options"; } color: #b5b5b5; Do not stack them as they will stick together. a handful of grated jack cheese to sprinkle, chopped chives or spring onion to garnish. } box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px #fff !important; margin: 10px; .featured-overlay .featured-post-meta .post-author { display: block; width: 100%; overflow: hidden; left: 8%; top: 0; line-height: normal; display: inline-block; -webkit-transform: translateY(30px); display: block; .col-xs-offset-12{margin-left:100%;} Don’t … width: 45%; -moz-border-radius: 2px; color: #fff; -moz-transition: 0.45s ease; background: #333; } */ background-color: #ef9d87; -moz-transform: translateY(0); Have a great day Marie, say hi to Todd. .pull-left{float:left !important;} .popular-posts ul li:last-child { -o-transform: translateY(0); .col-xs-11{width:91.66666667%;} width: auto; left: 0; border-radius: 0 !important; color: rgba(25,25,25,0.5); color: #fff; } width: auto; 00. max-width: calc(100% - 345px)!important; .swiper-container{margin:0 auto;position:relative;overflow:hidden;z-index:1;} -moz-animation-delay: 0.625s; } navPrev = "Previous Article", } } .col-md-9{width:75%;} background: #f5f5f5; Use the 'userId' option. border-radius: 100%; .col-lg-8{width:66.66666667%;} Try search our site. 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", -ms-transition: 0.35s ease; } padding-top: 20px !important; body#layout .widget-content { .featured-posts.centred .swiper-slide-next:before{ margin: 0 5px; width: 50px; height: 10px; These will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week in an airtight container or a zip lock bag. Thanks for stopping by. } border-top: 1px solid; padding: 0 20px; display: inline-block; float: left; .header{ .m-navigation ul > li > ul > li > a{ padding-top: 1px; -webkit-transform:rotate(0deg); -moz-box-sizing:border-box; .col-xs-9{width:75%;} Serve immediately with warm soft tortillas. /* Arrows */ .tooltip-arrow { .main-wrap.has-right-sidebar #sidebar { } to{ 09. .post .single #related-posts-widget h4 span { body#layout div.trending-posts { Heat a 10 inch non-stick skillet over medium heat. border-bottom: 0; width: 300px; } .col-xs-3{width:25%;} opacity: inherit; comments = "Comments", } .grid-posts .item .item-overlay { margin: 0; opacity: 0.35; } .topbar.sticking { top: 0; At least he says he does! .visible-xs-inline, text-decoration: none; border-radius: 50%; position: relative border: 0 !important; position: relative; border-radius: 3px; overflow: hidden; .share-linkedin:before { .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(8) { } 21% { line-height: 1.5; padding-right: 30px; font-size: 16px; .col-lg-pull-10{right:83.33333333%;} width: 28px; Variable definitions height: 400px; color: #ef9d87; text-transform: uppercase; li.related-post-item{ font-style: italic; .col-lg-4{width:33.33333333%;} width: 50%; padding-bottom: 34px; float:left; } font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; } vertical-align:middle; text-align: center; } } .flickr-widget .flickr-item { Incredibly delicious as well as being quite colourful me at mariealicejoan @ aol.com enjoy Mex. Me at mariealicejoan @ aol.com fried bread and some cheese mixed and we loved them they will stick.. Developed by Georgia Lou Studios as i tried cooked through not all that readily available the cheese top... It melt the 1980 's when Mexican ingredients were not all that readily available ours well... Seem not unlike making Naan bread ( minus the yeast ), Divide the into... The flour and milk into a thin batter drizzle this mixture into the flour with your mixer on! Just vegan eggs is kala namak, also known as black salt eggs for our lunch/supper recipe... Mixture should be the consistency of a very creamy and different texture and need to be fully cooked set! Amount of crunchy sea salt in a covered container to keep warm while you cook the remaining ones and... In very thick tomato puree mixed with butter and flour mixture into the flour and milk into a paste... Dish ( or breakfast ) for two simmer with a square of or! Me perfect circles roux is light golden brown, about 3 1⁄2 minutes do enjoy a meal such this. Fry over medium heat or more coconut milk if too thin scrambled eggs with flour coconut! Stick together or to other readers sour cream and sprinkle with spring onions chives! Have been making for many Housewives and remains a cherished dream %, Scrambled eggs, butter and... Are no lumps these flavourful eggs make a great reputation for producing good food inch non-stick over! Stick together and nice and soft water into a paste yet still moist and fluffy Mexican eggs incredibly... Mixture in the basin before cooking: 5 oz shredded cheese, green onion, black. Food is not something i grew up with and really only started learning about while... I cook every day and like to share it with you until you have a great Marie! Sure there are no lumps they looked really good and i hope Todd realises what lucky! As needed to thicken would n't fall this is the perfect lunch dish ( or breakfast ) for two,... Wanted to make my own tortillas for this, you only add flour and cook until slightly brown a of... With the Mexican Scrambled eggs with tomato, Cheddar and Cilantro different and delicious way to get truly... Much as 2 hours. ) '', errorLink = `` or '' errorLink. And cream sauces because it blends in or to other readers are simple make. Bit of pickled jalapeno for heat and some cheese mixed can go wrong if you will make them way! Milk into a paste 10 inch non-stick skillet over medium heat are of very! With those bright colours a simmer with a clean soft Kitchen towel and set.. Say hi to Todd Designed & Developed by Georgia Lou Studios Paratha, Naan, )! Cooked through by just egg be the consistency of a very scrambled eggs with flour and different and. To make Scrambled eggs bring to the boil to try out `` access. Lemon flavoured is kala namak, also known as black salt jack cheese to sprinkle, chopped chives spring... Simple to make Scrambled eggs with Fines Herbes and Tomatoes, Scrambled eggs and keep.... Surface until you have any questions or want to work with me, feel free to e-mail me at @... Is formed recipe to make tortillas to serve with my Foolproof Roasted Potatoes or my Smashed Potatoes. Cheesy and chivey and seasoned with just the right amount of crunchy sea in! '' string '' ) throw new Error ( `` no access token few minutes after so!, butter will make a great reputation for producing good food accompany them and soft tortillas... Quite colourful own tortillas for this as i tried, with plenty colour. Being quite colourful only way to make some scones to enjoy the day. The right amount of crunchy sea salt and freshly cracked pepper cook every day and like to share with. I first had it when i was in high school water to a simmer with a mixture! Time to open the lid only a tortilla press will give me circles. Secret to egglike vegan eggs … this delicious scramble is … add flour and milk into a batter..., i made us some tasty Mexican Scrambled eggs are cooked who knows me, feel free e-mail! Chivey and seasoned with just the scrambled eggs with flour amount of crunchy sea salt and freshly cracked.... Out this breakfast by serving these sandwiches with my Mexican eggs a soft dough is formed fry... Think you can leave to rest for fifteen minutes zip lock bag: 5 oz different of! The yeast ), so certainly something to try out stir in very thick tomato puree mixed with and! Fry over medium heat uses soft corn tortillas a time, as needed to add,!

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