As with other weapons of this type, it can also be used for counter sniping and ordnance disposal (shooting explosive ordnance from a safe distance). [5] The rifle was accepted into service with the South African National Defence Force in 1998. The SANDF considers Denel PMPs product lines to be of sovereign importance to its requirements. The NTW-20 anti-material rifle is a bolt action, and it utilizes a 3-round side-mounted box magazine. Forgotten Weapons merch! At approximately 48,000 ft⋅lbf (65,000 J) of kinetic energy, the 20mm round, as fired out of the Anzio rifle, has nearly four times the energy of the .50 BMG cartridge fired out of a comparable rifle, which is around 12,200 ft⋅lbf (16,500 J) of kinetic energy. In general, anti-materiel rifles are chambered for 12.7×99mm NATO (.50 BMG), 12.7×108mm Russian, 14.5×114mm Russian, and 20mm cartridges. The Anzio 20mm rifle is an American anti-material rifle designed and marketed by Anzio Iron Works. 20mm with suppressor at 2007 Shot Show: 20mm Mag-fed shown in take-down configuration: From left to right:.223, .338 lapua, 50BMG, 20MM Vulcan High angled left side view of the NTW-20X110HS AMR anti-material rifle sans magazine. The Anzio 20mm rifle[1] is an American anti-material rifle designed and marketed by Anzio Iron Works. The Barrett .50 cal. Today, more than a dozen countries manufacture such weapons, with four of those nations making antimaterial rifles chambered for the 14.5mm round. The butt stock is position about midway along the length of the gun … It is intended for deployment against targets including parked aircraft, telecommunication masts, power lines, missile sites, radar installations, refineries, satellite dishes, gun emplacements, bunkers and personnel, using a range of specialised projectiles. Pros: 1. The S-18 had similar design attributes to the L-39, but was also deemed too late to be effective against rapidly-evolving tank armor. Bargaining 20mm Anti Material Rifle And Airsoft Sniper Rifle Scope Cam PDF The AMR is similar in design principle to that of a sniper rifle, delivering a high power shot at long distances with great accuracy, although chambered in a larger caliber for hardened targets. Caliber switching the NTW 20/14.5 can be accomplished in the field without specialised tools. It is the first American anti-material rifle designed and mass-produced for public sale with a bore diameter in excess of .50 caliber in over 80 years. “Vidwanshak is a multi-calibre sniper rifle chambered for two types of calibres- 14.5mm and 20mm. [6] The embargo against Denel was lifted in 2018 after investigations found the allegations to have been false. It does this by effectively taking the .50 BMG projectile, which already is relatively large and travels extremely fast, and effectively increases the already supersonic bullet to over 1.3 times its normal flight velocity, creating more kinetic energy without the need for a larger and heavier projectile. Iran has developed a new 20mm anti-material rifle called the Arash. This is further supplemented by a buffered slide in the receiver. Hassem (In Arabic حاسم) means Decisive, this rifle is a unique design in which it uses an electric trigger to shoot a 20mm explosive projectile, it is also intended to be used as an anti-personnel, anti-armor and material and low altitude anti-aircraft. Anti-Material Rifles and Related Weapons. David Crane April 6, 2003 by David Crane There is growing interest by the military in the 20mm cannon round for anti-material use, since it’s capability in this area significantly exceeds that of the.50 BMG. Navaratna Rajaram. Official website of Navaratna Srinivasa Rajaram a.k.a. (A third variant, the NTW 20×110mm has been developed, but is not designed for barrel calibre switching.) It can be used in anti-material role for destroying enemy bunkers, lightly armoured vehicles, radar systems, communication equipment, parked aircraft, fuel storage facilities etc” explained the source who added, it is a “single shot, bolt-action rifle having a detachable three round magazine and a range of 1800m for 14.5mm calibre ammunition and 1300m for the 20mm calibre. [4] The latter model is also available in 14.5 x 114 and conversion between the calibres can be done in the field by swapping the barrel and bolt assembly. Game Assets - Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft gun, USD $0.00. This rapid progress was made possible by Neophytou's expertise in the field of recoil reduction systems, having worked on helicopter turrets in the past. [citation needed]. N.S. Rear right side view of the Denel NTW-20X110HS anti-materiel rifle on display. However, following allegations that it had paid kickbacks to secure a deal for anti-materiel rifles, Denel was blacklisted by the Indian government. The large cartridges are required to be able to fire projectiles containing usable payloads, such as explosives, armor-piercing cores, incendiaries, or combinations of these, as found in the Raufoss Mk 211 projectile. See more ideas about weapons, rifle, sniper rifle. 2. The weapon was designed by Tony Neophytou (co-designer of the Neostead combat shotgun). 20mm anti material rifle 1; 2; Next. Anti-Material rifles (AMRs) and large calibre sniping rifles seem to both have gained popularity with the military community at the same time. The rifle is fired standing up with the gun resting on the operators shoulder, much like a RPG, and on the forward bipod. The NTW-20 is a South African anti-materiel rifle, developed by Denel Mechem in the 1990s. [citation needed]. The significantly larger 20 x 110 model cannot be converted to another calibre. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Go. The magazine protrudes from the left side of the receiver. It is very accurate, at very long ranges. In general, anti-materiel rifles are chambered for 12.7×99mm NATO (.50 BMG), 12.7×108mm Russian, 14.5×114mm Russian, and 20mm cartridges. 20mm AMR – New Use for Unused Ammo Distribution Statement A - Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited. There are a total of [ 61 ] Anti-Material / Anti-Tank Rifles entries in the Military Factory.