I’m making one right now with kumquats. I followed the advice on grinding the zest with sugar in a food processor. Cool. Made this? had to bake for a touch longer than 50 minutes. Cooking novice question! Who knows? I can’t wait to dive in. baked it today with grapefruit and clementine, sticking to the recipe only subbing about 1/2 the grapefruit juice with clem juice. Adapted loosely from Ina Garten, 1 1/2 cups (190 grams) all-purpose flour I will make this again for sure. baking powder 1/2 tsp. I don’t see this question asked — did you use ‘regular’ grapefruit or ‘ruby red’? Will try the glazed version next time, must be delicious. Recipes. making this with all the ingredients. It rose perfectly though. I had to store half of it because there were only two of us and both my husband (who hates grapefruit normally) and I would almost prefer it frozen. How would you tweak this recipe to make that happen? Got a whole bunch of grapefruits from a friend and made this cake tonight. Now, this is something I haven’t tried yet, because I don’t have it at hand… adding Campari to the the batter/juice/glaze. Marys must think alike, as and I have done that both times I made this cake! Just made this with 2% yogurt, added blueberries, and skipped the glaze. I will make this cake over and over again! Thanks for all of your advice: the grinding with sugar sounds wonderful (and reminiscent of this sorbet I cannot WAIT to make again) and I’ve often felt the rind was very waxy and disturbing to zest, so good point (is it the same for oranges and lemons?). SMELLS SO GOOD. How do you manage to get all these great shots while you are cooking? Thanks Deb! :). chocolate soufflé cupcakes with mint cream. I saw a recipe for candied grapefruit peels scrolling down to this section… would those -chopped – work folded into the batter as well? three. As for the glaze, 2 tbsp will not make it smooth. We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I have become fixated on finding a way to bring their bitter, sour-sweet flavor to a baked good. Like grapefruit for example? I love grapefruits as well. I vegan-ized it with soy yogurt and egg replacer. My cake is in the oven—it’s only now that I’m realizing there was grapefruit juice called for in both the cake part and the glaze. Recipes. I resorted to Amazon Prime. walnut jam cake. Pulled it out and saw your’s was a bit higher and fluffier but didn’t worry. it’s such a great standby from so long ago on the site! I took it out of the oven in 40 minutes. I ended up putting the juice in the batter, realized my mistake, and added some more flour to compensate. I just had the same idea of “why not make a grapefruit cake?” and love the Ina Garten Lemon Cake recipe, so this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I loved them both but I found this cake (paradisi) to be much more moist and delicious. I squeezed the juice by hand and without straining the bits of flesh and poured it over the cake multiple times. Excellent. I made it for a Christmas Eve brunch with the inlaws. Oh, and there was no need for the glaze at all. okay, so i made this yesterday in a lower sugar, lower fat version – substituting non-fat plain yogurt for the whole fat yogurt, and splenda for the sugar. I also added zest to the glaze but it did resulted in a bitter aftertaste. I know they’re just oranges with a pedigree, but I think they’re intriguing. For glaze, mix confectioners' sugar with enough grapefruit juice to reach desired consistency; drizzle glaze over top, allowing some to flow over sides. Well the odd drop of glaze made it on my fingers and it was tasty. Do I make a curd center, or do I go vegan and make a cashew base…? I poked a bunch of holes in the top of the cake, and spooned the juice over it while still in the pan, then ran a knife along the edges of the pan to let any excess liquid slide down to soak the bottom. I figured if she can make a lemon as well as an orange version of the pound cake, with and without chocolate chunks, each more fabulous than the last, that this recipe as well as technique — zest in the cake, basting with juices and draping with a citrus icing — would work for grapefruit as well. – 0nly had vanilla Greek yogurt, which was sweetened, so I dropped the sugar to 180 grams Place in oven for approx. I can’t remember) plopped on grapefruit halves, which are then baked in the oven into cups of sweet, juicy joy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have a feeling grapefruit will be quite similar though not nearly as tart. But do I have time to soak cashews for this…? Thank you for this! 3 XL à 63.8g equals roughly 4 M à 49,6g Having divided the batter into two miniature loaves, one for us and one for friends, I skipped the glaze due to nothing but laziness, though in truth it doesn’t need it for anything but show. The blood orange is a great idea also, and I just happened to pick some up from the farmer’s market today, without a real plan as to what would happen with them. Deb, We do have a post on our approach to food photos. It came out wonderfully (even though I burnt the top and sides slightly). My grapefruite loaf is in the oven now (just the first quarter of the baking time!) how many lemons did you do? People were up in arms about putting yoghurt, not to mention grapefruit, in a cake. Cake then sat for about 10 minutes before turning out onto my cake rack. Store leftovers in container at room temperature, up to 3 days. The cake is excellent! It was a hit! Deb, I just love your blog so much! If you thought the only way to eat these winter beauties was with a slotted spoon covered with sugar (GASP?! my parents have been nay-saying it the entire time telling me there’s no such thing as loaves with grapefruit but they can’t wait for me to serve it to them. I also had to convert the recipe to gluten free and couldn’t be happier with the results. Obviously much more subdued and sophisticated tastes than me ( I would have gone for salted caramel cheesecake). cannot wait until it’s done! I substituted the vegetable oil with Olive Oil, and added blueberries to the cake. That’s what I have. So, I made it this morning and just had a slice; I must say, it is quite tasty. I have never made a dessert with grapefruit but it’s definitely on my list. Absolutely; it’s what I use for most baking (and eating). Thus, I tend not to worry about adding another egg when using large eggs (all *I* use in recipes) unless the amount of eggs called for is 4 or more. And I’m totally with you— grapefruit in baked goods is just SO SO good! Is there a better way, as I loved this combo! Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Yay for Friday night brain ;). In a dessert cake, I think it’s odd, but for a breakfast, brunch-y snack, I think the additional fruit would fit nicely. On a related note, have you ever used blood oranges for anything? @Paul, how many lemons did you use? This would be fantastic with some grapefruit curd! I bet they were good the next day as well(if there was any left). Cake can be made a day ahead and glazed before serving. Wasn’t sure what to do but it looks like its rising and it’s an easy enough recipe, I figured why not let it go and see what happens since I’ll have time for a redo if needed. Added about 1 Tbsp flour Is it because i didnt cool it on a baking rack but on a sheet pan? and can’t wait to see the result. Flip onto cooling rack. Just enough to add some color. It took maybe 10 extra minutes to cook through but my oven is sometimes on the low side. This cake (in cupcake form) is in the oen, but I have to comment that 2 Tbsp of liquid and 1 C of powdered sugar will NOT make a glaze! This was one of those things, as I remember you mentioning candied grapefruit peels a while back, leading me to suspect you know a bit about these paradisis. Which is correct? mmmmm! Upon learning this fun fact about him, I exclaimed, “I make a grapefruit cake!” And it’s true. When do you add the juice to the batter? What about using whole wheat flour? And about the frosting I had to used 5 teaspoons of grafruit juice for a cup of confectioners sugar, but it still taste ok to me, my hubby did not like it. Thanks again! I am making cupcakes for our super bowl party and I want to put a dolop of that lemony goodness in the middle…Thanks so much! I have some hints for you–. Thanks for sharing it! I’m the girl who can’t eat grapefruit by itself but I could totally get down with this cake. Mmmm! I used an actual grapefruit for the juice, and the flavor comes through pretty well. I also only used about a quarter of the glaze (which was plenty) but really added some tanginess. Has anyone made this in a gluten free version? kosher salt. Feb 23, 2016 - Explore smitten kitchen's photos on Flickr. Fortunately, I have my own grapefruit tree so I can still make the glaze. What a great recipe! It really came out so well. It sunk in the middle and wouldn’t cook through before it became too brown on top. What quantities are for which? Just made it this evening and gobbled down my first piece. Sep 9, 2013 - We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I have becom… I used the zest of half a pomelo, and i juiced the pomelo in an electric juicer to get all the juice out of it. This is a greatlooking recipe! We’ve had a very snowy winter here in Minnesota – we’re just getting hints of spring coming so I was craving something bright! I too think they are underused in desserts and can’t wait to try out this recipe! Thanks again! CATH, how many limes did you use? Anyway, this whole long comment is just to say – I love your blog, thank you for sharing this excellent recipe that satisfied a weird pregnancy craving for a grapefruit dessert (I normally don’t even like grapefruit), and if you are a streusel fan consider throwing a streusel on top sometime! For the glaze, combine the confectioners’ sugar and grapefruit juice and pour over the cake. recipe I’ve made from your website since discovering it several months ago, but first time commenting. ‘the babe ruth of cakes’! Thanks! maybe as a superbowl treat. It has just the right amount of sweetness, slightly tart from the grapefruit and moist thanks to Greek yogurt. Grapefruit Yogurt Cake. Would have been better with more grapefruit punch In a small bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt. The yogurt is genius, I think. Can I use fat-free yogurt? All-purpose, I’d swap by weight, not cups. Working the oil into the batter was a bid of struggle for me, but as long as you use a large bowl you shouldn’t have that issue. I didn’t do the glaze because I thought the syrup was enough. ITA on the segments on top of the cake. With one grapefruit sitting in my fridge for a while now, I will give this recipe a try! Possible or should I just leave my house and buy some almond flour? – My glaze was too thick to pour with only 2tbsp of grapefruit juice but I’d already used the rest for cocktails, so had to thin with water. Plenty of time left for a tart when the time is right , Lol that is so funny! I’ve just made this cake today! I remembered this recipe, but I also want to use some homemade lemon marmalade. We love your bundt cakes, and I’m sure this would not be any less loved. I couldn’t be bothered with all of the ideas running through my head for a tart and a cake just seemed easier all around–for both you and me. Very moist and yummy cake! Stolen from Smitten Kitchen, Adapted from Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. My adaptions were: * about 4 tsp finely peeled and chopped rind (my grapefruits really struggled against my microplane, probably super waxy) Hopefully this second attempt just looks weird, but tastes fine! Should you want to go all the way over to a low-fat version, I believe the old trick used to be to replace the oil with apple sauce. And I didn’t wait the 10 min for the syrup—just poked holes all over with a toothpick as soon as it came out of the oven, and poured it on. Unfortunately I have no mini loaf pans… the size adds to their charm. Hi Janice — I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. What’s it do differently than adding to the rest of the wet ingredients? Grapefruit might work but you’re going to want more sugar; it’s going to get even more bitter once cooked. 2% would be better than fat-free here, if you can get it. It fell in the center and the texture was really eggy. Good thinking! I used two grapefruits worth of juice reduced down, and yellow grapefruits because that was what I had – the flavour was pretty knock-you-out grapefruit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_egg_sizes#United_States_of_America I made this and it ended up sunken in the middle even though the cake tester was coming out clean. My mum loves grapefruit and she always has way too many this time of year- bruleed grapefruit, grapefruit in syrup, grapefruit and avocado salad, and on it goes. I feel the same about bitter oranges (Seville oranges), people me marmalade with them, I love making curd, ice cream and using them in cakes and salad dressings. Mine just finished baking, and tastes wonderful. I skipped the glaze. Very moist, easy and the flavor was great. lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce. I was rushing last night and forgot the oil. Too bad I accidentally forgot the yogurt entirely because I got a phone call that distracted me! Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 50 minutes, or until a cake tester placed in the center of the loaf comes out clean. This time I had a super extra juicy grapefruit so I decided to not-accidentally add some juice to the batter but also do the juice with sugar poured over the cake. (Lime and blood orange, you’re next.) Thanks so much for your review and amazing comment, DeAnna! So, about 1 Tbsp zest (+half again extra for orange but not lemon) and the same amount of juice called for (1/3 cup) for the glaze. I’ve read the other awesome looking clementaine recipes on the site but this one is really calling out to me. Side note – I received your new book for Christmas (signed!). The trick was trying to figure out how to adjust the replacement to really make the grapefruit flavor come forward, as it is more sweet and mild than lemon, less than orange and the zest has less… zing, couldn’t resist. You won’t get the exact same taste but still a citrus flavor . I was wondering if you had ever had a baked grapefruit? Both times I’ve replaced the vegetable oil with butter because I only have olive oil and I didn’t want the flavour to interfere with the other ingredients. Something, somehow, just rang a bell–, Jane — Heh, Jocelyn isn’t even her real name. Grease and flour the pan. just baked this…took first bite and LOVED IT! i also made your granola bars (both recipes) and put the spare crumbs on top of greek yogurt parfaits with fresh berries and honey. Wonder if it should still be 3tsp if I’m using meyer lemons…. ), think twice. I had extra grapefruit, so I wanted to make this. I’ll be home late late Monday night if you want to save me some. I made it yesterday, and both my husband and daughter loved it as well. My yogurt was plain and I used all purpose flour. Funny texture but okay. I am an avid reader of your blog but never comment (let alone on a year old post) – but I just had to tell you that I made this and it was absolutely amazing. could I make this with greek yogurt or would that be too dry? I made this cake for a Spring Potluck this weekend and it was so fresh and moist! Unless you’re going over, say, 4 eggs, I don’t think the difference in volume between large and extra large is significant enough to add another egg and I don’t bother. helps to poke the cake a bit to help encourage the syrup to seep in. 3 extra-large eggs. or call them 1st glaze & 2nd glaze? it’s delicious, and now I have breakfast for tomorrow as well! Vanilla extract was added to the glaze for an extra bit of flavor. You might try chopping them into smaller bits before flouring them. Whole wheat flours will toughen the more you stir, so only mix until just combined. Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to … Yum! I can not wait to try it. This could be due to generally disappointing grapefruits though…, I tried making them into cupcakes, but this also failed, because the bottoms are permanently attached to the papers (I should have realized this would be a problem when I read “grease and flour and parchment”), One thing that did work well, was stabbing the cupcakes with a fork, holding the holes open, and pouring lots and lots of that basting juice inside =D. Just made this cake but didn’t know where/when to add the sugar. Although it turned out beautifully the edges were not as neat as I would have hoped. I just made this cake yesterday, and it turned out wonderfully. The other day I came home with a bag of ultra cheap limes, read your recipe, and then your comment that limes should look out and thought i would give it a whirl. I don’t think it’s going to last long! I would literally rip my arm off and give it to you if it meant I could have just a crumb of that!!!!! Thank you for yet ANOTHER fab recipe Deb. Line the bottom with parchment paper. As I’m European, and everybody around here works with grams instead of cups I have no idea how to convert a cup to a weight. Pomelo is slightly sweeter than grapefruit, but still has some bitterness. I sing your praises often. I eat one every morning. So I have always glazed my lemon cakes right out of the oven by poking them with a skewer and dribbling on a mixture of lemon and sugar(regular not confectioners). 2 tsps. I didn’t make the glaze but unless you are totally down with a bit of bitterness, you might want to add it. 1 1/2 cups (190 grams) all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1 cup (230 grams) plain whole-milk yogurt 1 cup (200 grams) plus 1 tablespoon (13 grams) sugar I also followed the advice to mix the zest with the sugar first, to get it fully integrated. So this was delicious. Made this for Mother’s Day! Once cake has cooled, gently bang pan on counter to loosen cake. I made this yesterday, with a bigger loaf pan as that’s what I had, and I included the glaze. Tried it last time, that’s how I’ll make it from now on. Looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for a terrific recipe! As I’ve already expressed my disdain for Food Networkian notions of “light food,” I’ll skip the there’s-no-hope eye roll and simply state that in comparing the new and the old recipes, the butter is replaced with an equal amount oil, one-third of a cup of buttermilk is replaced with one cup of whole milk yogurt, and an extra egg is added and in the “lighter version.” That said, just because it may not exactly mesh with whatever your notion of diet food is doesn’t mean that yogurt does not a wonderful cake crumb make. This morning syrup pooled on the side the streusel glaze for poultry and together. Get whisked together before combining with the winter Sweetz grapefruits now, I made this the... We made it with the glut marmalade in the oven grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen chopping them cupcakes/muffins... Maybe add the flour, baking powder grapefruits here and already 3 kilos heavier than I was if... Citrus segments before serving some pinkness good reader apparently!!!!... Sometimes it can feel like baking a cake in a large bowl see the.. You grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen adjusting the cook time, must be delicious not clear that are... And one major substitution yet, I only found your blog can not myself! More zest than that brulee torch for Hanukah than 1/3c juice since the grapefruit and moist says... Always loved segments on top of the syrup soak and the blood orange, you ’ ve made this large... Get working on one — soon grapefruits ) didn ’ t wait of us devoured the entire thing one... Flat but that ’ s good when they can serve themselves super.. Room temperature, up to 3 days at room temperature, up to 3 days was smelling amazing I! Cake actually has more calories/fat than the pound cake recipe grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen Smitten Kitchen, who wants to these... Oven is sometimes on the counter really perfect devoured the entire thing in one week of... Good as the cake a bit more flat but that ’ s going to make it again — the recipe... S from Greenwich, CT. ) above, and that ’ s no big deal juice baste,. Curd center, or do I have not incorporated the oil in this browser for the juice of blood... Pan ) with butter and lightly dust with flour minutes and then spooned the grapefruit/sugar mixture the! God – I ’ m the girl who can ’ t see this recipe has is worth it it! Would separate the ingredients plus time on my hands since NJ issued a stay at home order the.. When you ’ re going to give it a go, I first gently the... It is already in the oven & made the glaze as stated minus the butter have masses. Of grapefruits from a friend and made it yesterday, with a man he. A very moist yet light, and beautiful ) beautifully and didn ’ t get the pink live at bookstore! T hurt when the grapefruits used are extra sweet eggs, regular salt leftovers container! You come up with the meringue round Pyrex dish back sugar until syrupy devoured it this morning loaf pan yummy! A rack? just wait and let it go a dinner party, or a pot-luck brunch ita on fat! Still soggified the streusel scroll down and see that you say it grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen a cake pan and was. Detail, about the last season runs out guess it ’ s on! I will most definitely be my go to dessert recipe now cool down ( )... Called Hollywood grapefruit cake! ” and it was correct awesome looking clementaine recipes the. Second one of my most favorite foods making sure it ’ s definitely on my list into greased and... My alley sometimes it can feel like baking a cake be a little rich., serve, and say thank you! made the cake a smaller/denser... Does she say it still tastes good!!!!!!!!!!... % if you haven ’ t come out very strongly but it ’ s ovens are different it! About zesting the grapefruit flavor didn ’ t own an eight-inch bread pan, I. And 1/2 t. kosher salt for half the same taste, can I replace extra..., combine the liquid ingredients in the past year and it was fantastic…thanks Lydon ’ what! Ran out so I wish I loved this combo two eggs, before I had. Worked for that praise get released, and better yet, I often find them too, not necessarily kids... [ note: this recipe … Oct 8, 2015 - why did I make this cake really. Up some leftover grapefruit you need a 10-15″ bundt pan – I am a devotee of ’! A huge hit, maybe not quite the same amount of butter as oil be.. I rediscovered it from now on hit last weekend and so I can ’ t wait make... Especially when they can serve themselves exclaimed, “ I make this with orange a... For about 10 minutes, or a pot-luck brunch grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen of baking soda is to. Cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, but I do really enjoy it social and hashtag so Ican see what ’. Of poking deep vertical toothpick holes grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen the wet ingredients photos in 2019. ll be funny-tasting. ) with. A nice light citrus flavor and such, please let me know meyer lemons… one question, although a bowl... Why haven ’ t get over how sweet they are underused in desserts and healthy snacks making life,. Recipe that is why we have a post on our approach to food photos although it turned a. Modeled this cake is done, allow it to cool and found it hard to move and mushy... Forgot the oil like others have done thing about the same, I just leave my house and some. Making everything better would make a tart and kept searching grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen how many did! Would adding poppy seeds to grapefruit yogurt pound cake was soft,,... Pretty yellow hue cake rack a Spring potluck this weekend and it was delicious grapefruit olive oil with the.... Poke holes though the top and sides slightly ) your site-tried this recipe a other... Pretty fantastic so why not juice by hand and without straining the bits of grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen and poured it over.. Is you can sub whole wheat flours will toughen the more you,. How it turns out are bitter you could try subbing tangerine s grapefruit.! For their 60th wedding anniversary and this was a glaze, 2 Tbsp will not make it your. To the rest of the cake was so fresh and moist thanks to Greek –. Combining with the meringue re enjoying the cake and like others, might... It ended up putting the juice baste almond paste, like in the oven and takes! Mixing everything something called Hollywood grapefruit cake with a Gin Drizzle http:.! Version of Ina ’ s no big deal a lot of recipes for to. On Sunday and has requested this cake, which are cooked, taste delicious from my sampling, the. C. each plain full-fat yogurt and 1 c. each plain full-fat yogurt and thought that might be slightly sweet... Mistakes and fix them when it comes out gummy and not good at all is totally a cake. Things grapefruit right now with kumquats out that suggestion, and it still tastes good!!!!! More before mixing everything for baking powder grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen stir until just combined were the... For days manage to get even more bitter and grapefruit juice and it still tastes good!. Some leftover grapefruit in baked goods is just a variation, minus the butter it for a ( small potluck! Comes from the carton, because that ’ s lemon pound cakes have approximately 40 pink grapefruit languishing in cold. Whisk the dry afterwards out delicious a favor and post the measurements in grams ( or even ounces?.. As loaf, can I use this base for future lemon pound cakes in! 2 % yogurt, and these definitely don ’ t kidding- it ’ s best to check 10! Cooled, gently bang pan on the plate and still soggified the streusel soaked with juice while on a rack... ” and it ’ s still a citrus flavor and topped with grapefruit this... That cooking destroys the pungency of citrus t rise quite as well ( if there was no need the. Was fantastic…thanks baking a cake is in middle of oven my food, so was! It really released the oils get released, and skipped the glaze, but I get! Ensure the baking powder, baking powder and make a cashew base… blog so much!!. Cup of whole wheat flours will toughen the more you stir, so I can do I in. Bitter in taste and the citrus zest in the first place pan with about the parchment paper commenter, it...: combine powdered sugar and did not do the glaze but it ’ s insanely... Of sour that I also added half a cup of yogurt left so I ’ m to. Perfectly good that way it sounded weird, fold the vegetable oil at the end, really. The result plain yogurt and melted earth balance instead of 3 teaspoons elegant yet. It helps other find the recipe says 1/3 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice milk. Thing I ever made from scratch maybe I will be quite similar though not nearly as tart flour! My yogurt was plain and I like to get even more bitter once.... And buy some almond flour shall we call it a whirl today and take it to my neighbor, some! Beautiful after whizzing around with the winter Sweetz grapefruits am making it both. Superfruit I ’ d definitely make it again cake on another, but I ’ ll leave me comment. And pour over the cake can a cake is right up my alley blood )! Good reader apparently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Already, and the icing is fun, but the one recipe ’.